Kids Today!


This Blog has absolutely nothing to do with Personal Injury Law. This Blog also has absolutely nothing to do with Criminal Law. As you know, those are the two main subjects I cover in this Blog.

This Blog has to do with something much bigger than those important subjects. It has to do with heart, character, drive and determination. It has to do with our youth today in America.

My daughter Katie is a high school junior. She studies more than anyone I know.

One of her best friends from the field hockey team is a high school senior. Her name is Sophie. Sophie has some type of reading difficulty where apparently when she reads words they get a bit jumbled in the translation in her mind. As a result of that, she has had to take remedial reading classes throughout High School. That’s important to know about this story.

Sophie is also one of the nicest, most caring, most positive people you could ever hope to know. She was the captain of her high school field hockey team this year. The field hockey team had a very successful run going toward state finals. They did win WPIAL’s.

Sophie had a dream. She wanted to go to Carnegie Mellon University. At this point you might be thinking are you crazy? Get into a school like Carnegie Mellon University with a reading problem? Are you out of your mind? Everyone knows the reputation that Carnegie Mellon University has. It could never happen.

But that’s not the way Sophie looked at it. She looked at it as a problem and she wanted to reach her goal. The goal was clear. She wanted to get into Carnegie Mellon.

Well, fast forward many years of getting help and working extra hard and studying, studying, studying for the SAT test. Fast forward to December 13, 2010.

Last night Sophie and her friend Alexa knocked on our door. Sophie wanted to tell us something. Yes, you guessed it. Sophie was accepted into Carnegie Mellon University as an undergraduate student for the fall 2011 term!! Congratulations, Sophie. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person!!

I hope this Blog serves as an inspiration to anybody who has ever been told that you are too big, too small, too slow, too fast, too dumb, too smart, too pretty, too ugly, too shy, too forward, you don’t have enough money, you can’t compete with those smart people and who are you to dream those kinds of dreams? We have all been told these things over the years haven’t we?

Sophie is living proof that if you have a dream and you are willing to put in the effort to make it a reality, dreams can come true!! Carnegie Mellon? God I love it!

Last point. We hear so much of the negative things about our youth in America today. Random acts of robbery, drug use, teenage pregnancies, disrespect for authority, and disrespect for society in general, seems to be all you see in the newspapers concerning youth. But that isn’t the whole picture.

There are decent, caring, hard working American youth out there who want to do the best they can and do something special with their lives. Sophie is a perfect example of this type of person.

Once again, Sophie, congratulations to you and your family. You did our whole community proud!!