MARCH 2011

In this Issue — March 2011

  • This month’s drawing question.

Last month’s winner of Wholey’s lobster tails, delivered to her house, was Cindy B.

Now for next month’s chance to win a $50.00 gift card:

What famous popular holiday is celebrated on March 17th?
Hint – may the luck of the Irish be with you on this one! My family actually yells at me for making these so easy.


Okay, pretend you are a judge. How would you decide this case? Does a golfer have to yell “Fore” when he hits a ball wildly (that is, he shanks it)? If you don’t yell “Fore” can you be sued for another person’s injuries?

ANSWER: No. In this case, a golfer was hit in the eye by a golf ball that came out of nowhere. The injured golfer sued. He claimed the person who hit the ball wildly had a duty to yell “Fore” to warn other golfers to duck and avoid being hit. Nice try Tiger Woods wannabe, but no dice. The Court decided that the risk of getting hit by a golf ball on the golf course is an inherent risk of the sport. By playing on a golf course, the injured player assumed the risk that he could be hit by a golf ball. Phew! I guess us bad golfers can sleep better tonight!


Last week my insurance company called my wife Michelle. He said our auto insurance coverage, which is $50,000 for bodily injury, is way too low!! We should increase it immediately. He said if Michelle caused an auto accident, the person could sue us and take our house!!

When you hear your auto insurance agent say that, you naturally get frightened – my God we can’t afford to lose our house. It’s what we worked for all our life. You might say “Yes, give me more coverage. I will pay the increased insurance premium. Just don’t let them take my house. Please take my money!!!”

Hopefully, one advantage of reading this Newsletter is you become a more informed consumer. By reading this Newsletter each month, you are much less likely to be taken advantage of and ripped off by people out to take your money. If your house is jointly owned no one can touch your house, if only you cause an auto accident. Why? Because it’s in both of your names – not just your name.

Still not sure? Does the name Cyril Wecht ring a bell to you? You know the famous Pittsburgh coroner and politician. In the 1980’s the County got a judgment against him for about $400,000 for work he did on the side at the Coroner’s office. You would think the County could take his house and make him pay the $400,000 judgment easily. Right? Wrong. Why? Because his house and assets were owned by both he and his wife. And the County could not touch his wages. He later settled the case.

If you have limited funds for insurance (who doesn’t) my non-legal advice to save you money is twofold. First, pick the Full Tort Option on your policy so that if you are hurt in an accident, you can pursue a claim for your pain and suffering. Picking the Limited Tort Option usually limits your right to recover for your pain and suffering in cases.

Second, spend the bulk of your money getting at least $100,000 in uninsured and underinsurance coverage. Use only the remaining amount for bodily insurance coverage. Getting uninsured and underinsurance coverage will protect you if the person who injured you has no insurance or only has a small (say $15,000) policy. Also, your insurance company cannot, by law, increase your future premiums just because you make an uninsured or underinsurance claim due to an auto accident and the accident wasn’t your fault.

There you have it. Now you know why I throw a shoe at my television every time I hear auto insurance commercials like (fill in the blank)… Is on your side; Like a good neighbor…is there; and You are in good hands with… Yuk!


Thank you Joyce B., Harry C., DeLorna J., Velton K., Deborah N. and Harold W. who recently referred us friends who were involved in injury cases. Thank you so much for thinking of us. If you have referred us a friend or relative and I haven’t thanked you or acknowledged you in some way, please call me at 800-518-0050 . Sometimes referred clients call us and do not say who referred them to us, making it difficult for us to thank you. Please call me if you have made a referral.


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  • Happy Spring!!