In this Issue — August 2011


What else can I say other than a heartfelt “thank you” to the record number of Newsletter readers who called or referred us friends and family members who were injured in accident cases last month! When we say no case is too big or too small to talk about, we mean it.Specifically, I want to thank CHUCK H., BRYAN P., MIKE Q., JOSH D., JACKIE S., WAYNE R. AND JACQUELINE L. for your kind referrals. I really appreciate it!

  • How Does Medical Malpractice Occur?

Several Ways, But Here Is A Possible Reason: Report Says States Lax on Disciplining Doctors for Medical Malpractice: According to a report by Public Citizen, many state medical boards are not disciplining doctors even after their hospitals take action against them for incompetence, negligence or medical malpractice.

The report, which analyzed data 1990-2009 found that 55% of the 10,672 physicians in the data bank, who had their clinical privileges revoked or restricted, had no state licensing actions taken against them!

In other words, the hospitals took away those doctors’ right to admit patients due largely to doctor incompetence. Yet those very same doctors are allowed to continue practicing medicine. Wow!

  • Why Are Medical Malpractice & Government Immunity Caps Crazy?

Read This: $19 Million For Infant Given Overdose In Florida Hospital: A Florida jury awarded $19.2 million to the family of a child who suffers from cerebral palsy and other life-altering condition after being given a nearly lethal overdose of neonatal nutrients and trace elements in the hospital.

However, because Florida has a $200,000 cap for cases against the government, it is likely that all the infant’s family will get out of the 19.2 million dollar award is $200,000. The same situation will apply if Pennsylvania passes a law putting a limit or cap on any jury verdict.

  • Nursing Home Abuse:

The family of a 51 year-old patient won a $9.5 million dollar verdict against a nursing home type facility for letting a patient die from lethal bedsores!

How was the case proven to the jury? Two sets of photos did the job. One set showed an outgoing woman who in spite of her cerebral palsy, enjoyed dancing and flirted through her eyes since she could not speak.

The other photos, taken by the State Bureau of Investigation, before her autopsy, showed an emaciated body riddled with nine bedsores on her tailbone, hips, shoulders, inner thighs and ears. The photos made the story believable and real!

  • Worker Fired For Cell Phone Use Properly Denied Unemployment Benefits:

A worker who was terminated for violating her employer’s ban on cell phone usage by posting a comment on Facebook about a co- worker can be denied unemployment benefits, a PA court has ruled.

A nurse used her cell phone to post a comment on her Facebook account about a co-worker while working. She had previously been warned about violating the employer’s policy prohibiting the use of cell phones while on duty. Therefore she was terminated.

The Court ruled “a violation of an employer’s work rules and policies” may constitute willful misconduct!!

  • Border’s Blues:

If you see a grown man crying on the street, it’s probably me. I just heard the news that Border’s Bookstores are closing up. Michelle and I really loved that place – how about you?

  • Newsletter Readers:

To Angela, Denise, Mary and me, you are family. We really appreciate you taking the time to read this Newsletter!

  • Las Vegas High Rollers

Last month Angela, Jimmy (my brother), Michelle and I went to Las Vegas. We stayed at the Signature MGM Resort. We had a great time there, catching the Drew Carey show and doing a lot of walking. How much did we spend on gambling? Between the four of us we spent a grand total of $3.00. That’s right – three dollars! Geez!

  • This Month’s Prize Question!

Congratulations to Norma D. Her name was drawn from the list of readers who answered last month’s question correctly.

Now for this month’s chance to win a $50 gas card. Name any current or retired Pittsburgh Pirate player. Come on, it’s too easy!


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  • Go Bucco’s!!