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Pit Bull Lawsuit Expands

Will it happen in Pennsylvania? A lawsuit over whether Maryland landlords can ban tenants who own pit bulls as pets was filed in Maryland. The lawsuit was filed by residents of a low income neighborhood in Baltimore, MD against Armistead Homes Corp. for allegedly violating tenants’ Constitutional rights. The landlord told residents who own pit bulls that they would have to move or get rid of their dogs.
Is An Avalanche An “Inherent Risk” of Skiing?

Just in time for thecoming ski season! A Wrongful Death suit was filed by the parents of a teenager who claim a ski resort created an “avalanche trap” that killed their son.
Vail Resorts filed a Motion to dismiss the case, alleging that the company complied with Colorado’s Skier Safety Act and that the teen’s death was the result of the “inherent dangers and risks” of skiing. The family claims that an avalanche does not constitute an inherent risk of skiing and an avalanche is not even listed as an inherent risk of skiing in the text of the Skier Safety Act. Stay tuned on this one.
DUI Case And Criminal Law – Breath Test Certification Doesn’t Require Live Testimony

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has recently decided that police do not need to bring in the person who tested and calibrated the breath-test machine in order to get a conviction. Breath-tests are routinely used by the police for persons charged with DUI. Even though the arresting officer must testify, the police do not have to bring in the breath-test records custodian, according to the decision.
Two McKeesport Teachers’ Bad Behavior And Two Very Different Results!

One teacher is fired, the other one isn’t. A Court has ruled that a McKeesport teacher cannot be terminated based on testimony she gave in which she admitted to having sex on school grounds, while another teacher will lose her unemployment benefits because she conceded she may have called students derogatory names under her breath!
The Court decided not to terminate the teacher who had admitted to engaging in sexual conduct on the grounds of a Western Pennsylvania school. The Court found that the teacher had implied immunity when she admitted to the misconduct during hearings regarding the alleged misconduct of another teacher, and therefore she could not later be terminated based on her testimony. Go figure!
Job Performance/Work Law – Positive Performance Reviews Do Not Negate Employer’s Ability To Fire You

A Federal Court has ruled that even though an employee received satisfactory job performance reviews in the past, this did not protect her from being fired at a later time. Geez!

Medical Help

Some of you valuable readers were injured in accidents and are suffering “facet joint injuries” because of it. Here is some information that might help you understand the condition. I hope it helps!
Facet joints are small joints at each level of the spine. These joints provide stability and help guide motion. Facet joints are paired joints in the back and neck, one pair at each vertebral level (one joint on each side of the vertebrae). These joints have opposing surfaces of cartilage (cushioning tissue between the bones) and a surrounding capsule that is filled with fluid, which reduces the friction between bones that run together. Facet joints can become very painful due to arthritis of the spine, a back injury or mechanical stress to the back. A facet joint injection involves injecting medicine which can anesthetize the facet joints and potentially block the pain. It can give you temporary relief!
By placing numbing medicine into the joint, the amount of immediate pain relief experienced by the patient will help confirm or deny the joint as a source of pain. If complete pain relief is achieved while some of the facet joints are numbed, it means those joints are likely to be the source of pain.
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