Car Accidents

How do Insurance Adjusters place a $$$$value on your car accident case?

Let me begin by saying it is a mystery to even attorneys like me who have been doing car accident cases for over 30 years. It certainly is fair to say this is an art and not a science. For example an adjuster from say Nationwide Insurance might look at your car accident and say the value of your case for all your pain and suffering is $10,000. A different adjuster from another insurance company like Erie insurance might look at the very same claim and say the value of your car accident case is $15,000.

How can that be if they are looking at the same data for your car accident case? The answer is the case evaluation is subjective not objective. The adjuster from Nationwide might give you $5000 for your physical therapy treatment related to your accident. The adjuster from Erie might put the value of your physical therapy at $7500. So the subjective nature of the claims evaluation in car accident cases should just be accepted as the way things are done. But more importantly for you how can you drive the value of your car accident injuries so you get the maximum money for your claim?

In my opinion, getting treatment for your injuries and documenting where you go for your treatment is the biggest factor in evaluating your claim. No one should get unnecessary medical treatment for their car accident injuries just to drive the value of the case. In fact the adjuster will easily see through this sham and likely make a low offer to you as a result.

However if you are legitimately injured in your car accident case and get as much treatment as you need in order to be make you whole again,then you will surely get a fair offer in your case.

At the law firm of Bernard Tully attorney we are committed to getting  you the innocent victim of a car accident the most money we can for your case.

Thanks for reading. Bernie the Attorney. God I love that rhyme!