If you are pursuing a wrongful death case on a loved ones behalf, what are the first legal steps you have to do?
The first thing you have to do is open up an estate. This sounds scary but it really is not. Opening up an estate merely means filing papers with the courts letting them know you will be the administrator of the estate. If there are others who could also be named as administrators they would have to renounce their right to do so. Since this usually involves family members it may be a simple matter of getting an agreement on who will serve as administrator. The others would then sign a renunciation paper saying they do not want to serve as an administrator.
The rule of the administrator is to act as the representative of the deceased in any legal filings.
If Pittsburgh wrongful death attorney Bernard Tully is representing you and the estate, we will be responsible for filling out the wrongful death paperwork for you to open the estate. We will be with you when you are sworn in as the administrator or executor of the estate. We will also advance the filing fee required to open up the estate. In short, Pittsburgh wrongful death attorney Bernie Tully will be with you through all the initial steps of opening the wrongful death estate. A lot of people find great comfort in that and you may also.
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