How I became a personal injury attorney-conclusion.
Well, I must start with a bit of humor. My wife Michelle typed part one yesterday. When she finished, I asked her what she thought of the blog. She said it did put her to sleep. Ha ha, what does she know?
Anyway, I told you how my first case was a disaster and all the mistakes I made doing my first civil jury trial. But these mistakes I hopefully will never make again.
I pretty much did those type of cases for the next 2 1/2 years. What a valuable experience that was! Why? Because I learned what works in a court room and what doesn’t in the personal injury area.
After a couple of years at the firm I decided I wanted to go out on my own and start my own law firm. This was a bit scary because there was no guaranteed paycheck every two weeks. That sure was different from the steady salary at the District Attorney’s office or with the civil law firm I told you about. In all honesty I must say I never had a starvation period. The very first day I started on my own I got lucky by picking up a criminal client who paid me a substantial retainer. That allow me to invest that money into the personal injury field for advertising purposes.
It sure was different back then because the only option was the phone book for advertising. This may be hard to believe but I put a 2 line ad in the phone book with my name, phone number and the fact that I was a former assistant district attorney and it only cost me $300 per year. In any event, that little ad got me a lot of referrals. Plus my family helped me a lot with getting new, potential injury clients. The practice grew and grew over the years.
I was also very fortunate in the people I hired over the years. They have been very competent, honest and loyal employees. I’ve never had a bad employee in my 25 plus years doing injury law.
I can also tell you that employees, especially paralegals, can make or break your law practice regarding injury law. Why? Because they work hand-in-hand with myself and clients getting documents, helping with discovery requests and provide me memos concerning issues in the case. That is also true today at the law firm of Pittsburgh car accident and wrongful death attorney Bernie Tully. If you become a client of ours you will see that our secretary Mary and two paralegals, Denise and Jennifer, really care about you and your case. Hopefully, that distinguishes us from other attorneys.
If anyone does something for over 25 years they are going to get a pretty good handle on what works and what doesn’t. That, plus our caring for you as our client are 2 good reasons to consider the law firm of Pittsburgh car accident and wrongful death attorney Bernie Tully for any wrongful death claim, auto accident, slip and fall, worker’s compensation or product liability claim.
If I were a fake or a hustler it’s pretty hard to believe people would still be contacting me to help them in their injury case 25 years later. That’s about the best proof I can give you that we can help you, also, with your injury case.
Give us a call at 412-281-8700 for a FREE case review.
I am here to help. Thanks for reading. I sure hope you’re still awake! Ha ha.
Bernie the attorney.