November 2015

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Robert Durst Faces Wrongful Death Suit: You probably saw this on television. The family of the missing first wife of millionaire murder suspect, Robert Durst, has taken steps towards filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Mr. Durst’s wife Kathleen Durst disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1982. Although no body has ever been found, she was declared legally dead in 2001. Her brother, James McCormick, has taken steps to transfer the authority of Kathleen’s estate to himself in place of their 102 year old mother, so that he can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against Robert Durst.

Medical Malpractice Death: This is unbelievable. The wife of a Buffalo man has filed a medical malpractice case against two Buffalo area hospitals over the death of her husband, Michael Cleveland. Cleveland, 46, was admitted to the DeGraff Memorial Hospital after suffering a heart attack in a grocery store. Soon after he arrived at the hospital he was declared dead. However, his wife noticed several signs of life including movement and breathing. Finally, after several hours, the doctor was persuaded to check Cleveland’s vitals, only to find that he had a pulse. He was rushed to Buffalo General Medical Center for treatment, but too much time had passed without medical care. He went into respiratory failure and was pronounced dead a second time.

Tennis Anyone? Tennis Star Files Slip & Fall Suit: Tennis star Eugenie Bouchard has filed a lawsuit against the United States Tennis Association following a slip and fall incident in the locker room during the U.S. Open. The fall left Bouchard with a concussion and a serious head injury and forced her to withdraw from the U.S. Open as well as other tournaments in Japan and China.

When she went into the locker room, Ms. Bouchard fell on a foreign substance on the floor in the therapy room. Bouchard’s suit accuses the U.S.T.A. of negligence. She is seeking compensation for her injuries which aside from causing physical harm, have caused her world ranking to drop over 13 spots.

This is very interesting to me. It shows that even sports stars can be injured in slip & fall cases, just like you and me.

Religious Nut Cases – Teenager Brutally Beaten To Death In Church: Two teenage brothers were brutally beaten in church – one of them fatally – in an effort by their parents, sisters and members of the congregation, to confess their sins and seek forgiveness in New Hartford, New York. Lucas and Christopher Leonard, 19 and 17 years old, were pounded with fists at the Word Of Life Church in a counseling session meant to explore their spiritual state. It turned violent. Six church members including the brothers’ parents and sisters have been arrested. Both brothers were punished over the course of several hours in the hope that each would confess sins and ask for forgiveness.

Someone who is able to raise an estate for these two teenagers should immediately file a wrongful death case against the Word Of Life Church. Even if the police cannot shut their program down, a huge $$ damage award against them may. What do you think?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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