I ask that question for a good reason.

Recently,a Philadelphia Pa. jury awarded $4.2 million to a woman whose left leg was amputated due to an infection she developed after a double knee replacement surgery at Temple University Hospital.

According to the Legal Intelligencer newspaper, the female victim sued Temple Hospital and its doctors for medical malpractice.

After a seven day jury trial, the Philadelphia jury found the doctors 40% negligent each and Temple Hospital 30% negligent.

The woman was a diabetic. Her doctors performed knee replacement surgery on her in December 2010.

She then went to Temple rehabilitation center for rehab.

There she began to develop drainage and blister problems at the surgery incision site of her leg.

During the course of the jury trial it was proven that neither the doctors nor the hospital met its duty of care in treating the woman.

As a result of their negligence, the victim eventually lost her leg due to the infections that developed from the doctors and hospitals negligence.

The jury awarded the victim $500,000 for pain and suffering, $1.36 million for future pain and suffering, $127,000 for lost wages, $82,000 for past care costs and roughly $2.13 for future medical expenses according to the newspaper article.

This jury verdict seems like a lot of money to some people. I mean come on its over $4 million dollars.

But think about it.

Would you give up your leg for $4.2 million?

That puts it all in a different perspective doesn’t it?

What Pittsburgh wrongful death medical malpractice and car accident attorney Bernie Tully tells the jury in these types of cases is that the award they give must make the victim whole.

To make the victim whole means to award her money for ALL  her past pain and suffering AND her current problems and most importantly her future pain and suffering and lost wages.

What Pittsburgh wrongful death, medical malpractice and car accident attorney Bernie Tully emphasizes to his juries is that his client the victim only gets one shot at this.

What I tell my juries is that we are not able to come back to them in a year from now and say hey my client developed this additional problem that we didn’t know about at that time of the jury trial.

We also cannot come back in a year from now and tell the jury ladies and gentlemen my client lost her job due to the problems associated with her injuries from this accident.

Like I said we only get one by the apple.

The same applies to you and your medical malpractice or wrongful death case.

You only get one opportunity to tell the jury everything that happened to you and ALL the problems you have as a result of the negligence of the defendant.

That’s why in my opinion it is so important to choose an attorney with a lot of experience.

That is something we have a lot of. Experience. Over 35 years of trial experience. Think about it.

Well that takes care of it for today.

Thanks for reading. I mean that.

Go Steelers.

Bernie the attorney.