A-G Kane Says No to Re-election Bid

Pennsylvania Atty. Gen. Kathleen Kane has decided not to seek reelection. In doing so, Atty. Gen. Kane probably did the citizens of Pennsylvania a great service.


Because her decision saves the public a long, costly and divisive campaign rehashing her actions as Atty. Gen.

For that reason alone, the citizens of Pennsylvania are indebted to her.

I think it’s important that we all remember that in addition to being the Attorney General Ms. Kane is also a mother.

Surely these relentless attacks against her had to take a tremendous toll on her personally.

Kane’s decision also saved the court’s having to decide a new and unique legal issue.

That issue was whether an attorney whose law license was suspended could still perform the functions of Atty. Gen.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court temporarily suspended her law license. By deciding not to seek reelection she allowed the courts to avoid making new law on this issue. For that also I think she deserves our thanks.

Lastly, because of her decision not to seek reelection, the people now running for her job can focus their campaign on getting their message out to the public.

Pittsburgh wrongful death, medical malpractice, car accident and criminal defense attorney Bernie Tully will be the first to tell you that politics is a brutal and nasty job.

Anyone running for office must have very thick skin in order to survive in that arena.

I am very fortunate that I am not involved in that brutal game.

Just let me do my personal injury, car accident and criminal defense cases and I will be a happy man.

Check out the article below from an online page:

Facing a criminal prosecution, five civil suits and an impeachment investigation, Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced Tuesday that she won’t seek re-election. Election petitions to appear on the April 26 primary ballot are due by the end of the day.

Kane said she “will continue to tear down the network of corruption” that she has been pursuing while in office, but that the upcoming election is “about the people of Pennsylvania” and best providing justice to them. She noted that her fight against corruption has come at great personal cost. She is facing perjury and related charges and is set for an Aug. 8 trial date in Montgomery County.
“At the end of my life, I hope that history judges me well, but that’s for time to tell,” Kane said at a press conference in Scranton.
Kane said she considered three factors in arriving at her determination: whether she had something to offer the people, whether she could win and whether it was the right decision for her family. She said spending more time with her two sons was a top priority.
Election lawyer Larry Otter said last week he expected Kane to receive a ballot challenge if she filed an election petition. Her law license was suspended by the state Supreme Court last September after the criminal charges were filed against her, and the attorney general must be a member of the bar to take office.

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