What Injured Victim’s Want…

What do injury victims want in a lawyer?

Of course they want someone who is competent and aggressive in getting them the most $$ they can for their injuries.

That is a given.

But you know what I found injury victims want in addition to that?

They want an attorney they can TRUST.

Let me tell you an experience I just had that drives the point home.

Yesterday, we settled an injury case for a rather substantial amount of $$.

The clients came in to sign the release and we started talking.

I asked them how they came to choose me as their attorney.

I thought it was maybe a referral from a prior client or through our phone book advertising campaign or through word-of-mouth.

I was somewhat flabbergasted to hear that it was none of those reasons.

They chose me because they went on the Internet and looked up attorneys.

They didn’t type in injury lawyers or accident cases or the type of injuries they received.

Guess what they typed in?

They typed in trustworthy lawyers and my name came up.

I don’t know how Google does that but I am sure glad they do and have my name there under trustworthy attorneys.

As I was driving home, I realized that most folks do not have personal attorneys much less injury lawyers who they know.

Those injury victims want an attorney they can trust.

Not an attorney we will tell them what they want to hear in order to get their case.

Not an attorney who will tell them one thing on a Monday and then a different thing on a Friday.

In other words they want an attorney they can trust at ALL  times.

If you were in an accident of any kind and are choosing an attorney I ask you to think about 2 things.

1st how can an attorney stay in practice over 35 years if he isn’t trustworthy. He can’t.

That’s how long I have been practicing law.

If I wasn’t trustworthy word of mouth would have surely caught up to me by now.

The practice of Pittsburgh wrongful death, medical malpractice, slip and fall and criminal defense attorney Bernie Tully would have dried up long ago if he wasn’t trustworthy.

Thank God our practice is thriving after all these years.

Why? Because we are trustworthy. And hopefully clients know that.

Do you think clients would refer me their friends and relatives if they did not trust me?

Because that is in fact how we get most of our referrals.

From former clients who know they can trust us.

2nd, watch our videos and review our blogs and newsletters.

If after doing that you are not 100% convinced this is a trustworthy guy then by all means go to one of those TV lawyers who promise you they can get you millions of dollars.

But if you are convinced…

Pittsburgh wrongful death, Medical malpractice, slip and fall and criminal defense attorney Bernie Tully wishes you the best with whomever you select.

Thanks for reading.

Bernie the attorney.