March 2016

Thank you readers for your generous referrals. You truly are the best!

Injury Law – How We Can Help You

I belong to an auto list serve group which is an invaluable help in investigating cases. Any attorney who is on the list serve can send out a request for information to any other attorney throughout the state of Pennsylvania. If someone has that additional information, they can share it with the host attorney. It can often make or break a case. Recently there was a question on a case we had regarding a stairwell expert. Using the auto list serve, we were able to quickly locate a stairwell expert to help us with our case.

Injury Law Part 2 – How Can We Help You?

By Keeping Out Harmful Evidence In Your Case: In an auto accident or injury case, how do we keep evidence out so that the jury does not hear it during the trial? If the information is blurted out by the defense in its opening statement or cross-examination of a witness, then the damage is already done and the jury has heard about it. To prevent this, we file a Motion in Limine. This allows the trial Judge to review our motion in the case prior to the jury being selected and then rule on it. That allows the Judge to rule whether evidence that is the subject of the Motion in Limine should be heard by the jury at all.

Delay Damages And Extra $ For You

The Courts encourage the parties to try to settle their cases. As an incentive for that policy, your case may be entitled to delay damages if a jury rules in your favor. Unless the Defendant offers 125% of what the eventual jury verdict is, they are responsible for additional fees in the form of delay damages. As the pelvic mesh case listed below shows, that could be quite high. ($800,000 in the pelvic mesh matter)

Judge Increases $12.5 Million Award In Pelvic Mesh Suit For Delay

A Philadelphia Judge has added $800,000 to the pelvic mesh
lawsuit award for delay damages. Since the device was improperly
implanted into her, the victim suffered erosion to her bladder and
excruciating pain throughout her entire body. The lawsuit alleged
that the pelvic mesh was negligently designed. Please call our
office at 412-281-8700 regarding any pelvic mesh design questions.

Hey Counsel, What Kind of Cases Do You Handle?

Many times you, our
readers, call us to ask if we handle a certain type of case. Even
if we do not do the type of case you are calling about, we will
suggest someone who can help you for Free. But what type of cases
do we do?

We cover 4 areas of practice:
1. Any personal injury case, whether it is a malpractice, product
liability, car accident, slip & fall, or any case where you are
injured as a result of someone else’s carelessness. Please consider
calling us first. Your meeting with us is FREE.

2. Workers Compensation cases – We represent clients who are hurt
on the job. It is important to remember, regarding workers comp
cases, that it doesn’t matter even if you were at fault for the
injuries. You can still make a claim for workers compensation. Your
case might also qualify for a lump sum payment.

3. Social Security claims – Our office can help you with your
Social Security claim. Keep in mind that it is often common for
your claim to be denied at the first level. However, it is at the
second level that the case is really decided. Give us a call even
if you were denied at the 1st level.

4. Criminal cases of all types. 5 years as an Assistant D.A.


Lawyer Layoffs

This week Reed Smith, a huge law firm, laid off 45
lawyers and additional staff in a restructuring move. That is a
real legal surprise, especially since they made record profits last
year. I can only say, as a personal injury lawyer, that we have
never even considered laying an employee off. Through the help of
readers like you we have had a steady flow of cases and clients
over the last 35 years. Thank you, wonderful readers.

Welcome To Social Media

A Denver news station has obtained a video
of a Denver police officer punching an unarmed suspect in the face
six times. Then moments later the officer tripped the man and his
7-1/2 month pregnant girlfriend. Better get out the checkbook on
this one.

Congratulations to Charles M. on winning February’s $50.00 gift
prize by answering the monthly question correctly.

Now for March’s question: Name an animal associated with Easter.

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