If You Didn’t LOVE This Decision You Are Fibbing…

So what did you think of the US Court of Appeals decision reinstating the suspension of New England quarterback Tom Brady?

If you’re from the Pittsburgh area like I am, may I suggest that you had a nice smile on your face.
Come on now be honest…

Didn’t you?

A lot of folks feel that the New England Patriots think the rest of the world outside of New England have smelly feet.
The perception is they believe they’re just a little bit above other football teams and maybe other towns.

And you know how well that plays in a blue collar city like Pittsburgh…

With our Western Pa. grit and Steeler mentality that you just play through the pain, don’t whine and never toot your own horn.

The same thing can be said about Philadelphia or Baltimore.

Also many Pittsburgh Steelers fans feel this decision is just legal payback.

How often did the Patriots cheat and not get caught?

What about them beating the Steelers many years ago in a playoff game by knowing what the signals were that the Steelers were going to call?

In short Pittsburgh wrongful death, medical malpractice, slip and fall, and car accident attorney Bernie Tully thinks there’s a lot of folks not only in Pittsburgh but throughout the football world who are pretty happy with the decision.

I guess if I’m being honest in this blog I will tell you that I took great delight in seeing the Denver Broncos beat up Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the playoff game.

However Pittsburgh wrongful death, medical malpractice, slip and fall, car accident and criminal defense attorney Bernie Tully wants to be fair.

I thought the New England Patriots showed a lot of class after they lost the game to the Broncos.

Their coach said that they played as well as they could have played but just lost.

Even quarterback coach Tom Brady was humble in the post game interview.

That was pretty classy on their part.

The point of this blog is that the US Court of Appeals is about as far away from the heart of NFL football as Earth is from Pluto.

However when a tough decision is called upon to be made people often look to the Courts for the resolution of the issue.

Isn’t it cool to live in our society where a court of law decides a matter based on the FACTS as opposed to some countries where the dictator decides the outcome?

It sure is something to be happy about today. That we live in the good old USA.

Can’t wait for the Steelers to start football camp in July.

How about you?

Thanks for reading.

You are the best.

Bernie the Attorney.