April 2017

Thank you all. I am just so blessed and happy to have you fantastic readers who unfailingly refer me friends, neighbors and relatives involved in any types of injury cases. Readers, once again, in all sincerity, thank you. We couldn’t do it without you!

Congratulations to Jackie R. on winning last month’s contest and a $50 cash prize.

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Personal Column – Cruising

Last month Michelle and I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise. We like to do the short getaway cruises, usually 3 or 4 days in length. Do some of you? The cruise went to Cozumel, Mexico and it was very enjoyable. Coming back, we docked in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We were able to watch the sun rise over Ft. Lauderdale that morning. Then Michelle dropped me off at the office directly from the Pittsburgh airport. I have a picture on my Facebook page, at Bernard Tully Attorney at Law, of me sitting at my office desk at 2 P.M. that same day reviewing files. As I said in my post, what can I say, I love my job!

Last Bit Of Personal Information

My twins Michael and Jessica graduate from law school shortly. Still have one more hurdle to go which is passing the bar exam in July. I wish Michael, Jessica, Alex, Cristina, Kevin Horne, and anyone else who went through the 3 grueling years, nothing but my praise and admiration. Good luck on the Bar exam to everyone!

Delaware Jury Awards $5.4 Million To Brain Damaged Cyclist

A Delaware County jury has awarded $5.4 million to a man who suffered a brain injury after falling off his bike because of an alleged road defect. The jury agreed the patch of road where he fell was dangerous and caused his severe injuries in this case.

$880,000 Settlement Reached In Nurse’s Car Crash Case

A 31 year old woman and the city of New London, Connecticut have reached an agreement of a lawsuit filed against the local police department in Connecticut. The woman was rear-ended by a New London police vehicle in 2014. She required 3 surgeries including the fusion of her lower back and 2 related surgeries to her neck. Yes, we do car accident cases and we would welcome your kind referrals.

Uber Facing Lawsuit Claiming Unidentified Driver Crashed

An Allegheny County lawsuit was filed against Uber, the ride-sharing giant. The driver of the Uber car was not the person who the Uber apps said it would be. The person who was driving the car was given the log-in information by the originally assigned Uber driver for whatever reason. Not only that, but while they were driving, the driver became distracted when looking at her cell phone and she crashed the car. The victim suffered back, rib and neck injuries from the crash. It also turned out that the driver had two prior criminal charges against her dating back to the 1980’s and several speeding violations.

Wal-Mart Reaches Settlement Over Ammo Lawsuits

Wal-Mart department stores have agreed to settle claims that it carelessly sold ammunition to a drunken 20 year old kid who later used it in a deadly killing spree. The settlement is part of a growing trend where victims file lawsuits against gun and ammunition dealers and stores that sell the ammunition, including Wal-Mart. There were 3 victims killed in the shootings from the ammunition that Wal-Mart supplied to the drunken 20 year old.

$11 Million Jury Award Given To Man Shot By An Escaped Devereux Patient

A man who was shot and wounded by an escaped teenage resident from a mental ward facility, was awarded $11 million against a behavioral health and rehabilitation chain. A Philadelphia jury made the award on St. Patrick’s Day. The shooter went to prison because of his actions. He was initially placed in Devereux by court order. Devereux was not aware the individual escaped and was liable for failing to properly supervise him.

The Bill Cosby Case

Who would have thought that the jury that is going to be selected to hear whether or not Bill Cosby, the actor and comedian, is guilty of a variety of criminal offenses, would be selected from Allegheny County? That’s right, a local jury right here in the Western District of Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, is going to decide Bill Cosby’s fate. The prosecution in the case has served notice that they want to be allowed to use statements that Cosby wrote in his book and a 1991 television interview as evidence of prior bad acts. The prosecution also wants to introduce Cosby’s deposition testimony in which he admitted to giving women Quaaludes in order to have sex with them. Yoi!

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