May – June 2017

Personal-Jay Leno Show

Have you ever taken a Carnival Cruise? We just took one for a specific reason. Jay Leno from the Tonight Show, was the guest comedian! Apparently Leno was in Cozumel that week. What Jay did was come down from his villa and walk onto the dock (the same place us NORMAL people walk) and then boarded the ship for his show. We did get a picture of Michelle and me with Leno. A great time. Then back at work the same day we hit Pittsburgh. Yes, I really do love my job. LOL

Allegheny County, Pa. – $2.1 Million Verdict In Slip & Fall Case

An Allegheny County jury awarded $2.1 million to a woman who tore her hamstring after slipping on a wet floor at a Target store. A pop bottle fell from a shelf and spilled onto the aisle in the store. Target employees carelessly mopped the floor outside the area and the victim slipped on the invisible wet floor beyond the area that had been mopped, which was still very slippery. The victim completely ripped her right hamstring. She also had to undergo hamstring repair surgery. What may have driven this verdict was the Target witness making outrageous claims that just did not hold up to common sense. What we usually find in huge verdicts like this is that the Defendant does something that upsets the jury’s sense of fair play. That is what happened here.

$14.5 Million Verdict For Birth Injury Defect

A Western Pennsylvania Federal jury has awarded $14.5 million to a family over a mishandled delivery that caused the infant to develop severe cerebral palsy. A Federal jury from the Western District of Pennsylvania, (which includes Pittsburgh), delivered the medical malpractice award this year. The basis for the suit was the use of the uterine stimulant Pitocin and the doctor’s failure to properly monitor the pregnancy or swiftly deliver the baby when its heart rate appeared to be dropping. The infant developed cerebral palsy from the botched delivery. Yes we do malpractice cases!

Cat Lovers

Cat Toy Infomercial Leads To Bait and Switch Lawsuit: Ripple Rug, is a cat toy that a Connecticut man is accused of ripping off and selling via infomercials under the name Purr N Play. The New England based owners of Snuggly Cat, which makes the Ripple Rug, claims that the Connecticut man used a bait and switch scheme by selling their product, but under a different name. The lawsuit claims over $75,000 in damages. There will be a lot of clawing by the parties in this cat fight!

Criminal Law – Mandatory Minimum For Blood Test Refusals Ruled Illegal

The Pennsylvania Superior Court has ruled that a trial Judge cannot give a mandatory minimum sentence based on a Defendant’s refusal to submit to a warrantless blood test under certain circumstances. Recently, I was able to use that case to save a client 90 days in jail. If you have a DUI related case, we handle those matters on a routine basis and can assist you. As always, the call is free and confidential.

What You Can Do When You Cannot Find The Person Who Hit You In A Car Accident

You are the victim of a rear-ender car accident and the person who caused the accident does not have his license or insurance information available at the scene. What do you do then? Allow my experienced investigator to get involved in helping you. Just the other day I had a case where I was representing the Estate of a pedestrian killed in a car accident. We called and called the police for the name and/or address of the person who caused the fatality. No response. Then we got our investigator on it. Within 24 hours he had the full name, address and phone number of the wrong-doer!

$$ Savings Tip: PA Inheritance Tax

Did you know that Pennsylvania law allows you to save 5% on your inheritance tax return? All you have to do is make an estimated payment. If you are an administrator or administratrix that is an important point to remember. The Pennsylvania inheritance tax for children as beneficiaries is 4.5%. So you can see on a sizable estate this could save you a lot of $$.

Lawyer Jokes

Did you know there is a movement afoot by Pennsylvania lawyers to STOP the telling of lawyer jokes? Honestly, they somehow think lawyer jokes demean our profession. Hello! My response is for them all to grow up. There is a reason why people tell lawyer jokes. It is because many lawyers are egotistical, self-righteous and money hungry people. Hopefully, you don’t put me in that category.

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Happy Summer & Go Bucs!


Bernard M. Tully, Esquire