Memorial Day Thanks to Our Vets!

Tomorrow is another Memorial Day. For younger children, it means having a picnic, maybe going to a parade and generally having a good time. Many of us, myself included, go through the motions of another holiday without really thinking about what we are celebrating.
In part we are celebrating Memorial Day to honor the men and women who bravely served in our Armed Forces over the years. To protect people like me who never served in the military. To allow each one of us to follow our dreams, whatever they are, for a better life. To make our own decision about what profession we should go into.

There are many veteran’s who we know about and are amazed by for their acts of bravery. People like Gen. MacArthur, who was 70 years old and still parachuted behind enemy lines for a surprise counterattack against North Korea at Inchon. Or Gen. McAuliffe in the Battle of the Bulge. He was encircled by German troops in World War II and ordered to surrender. We all remember his response of “nuts”as a battle cry of never giving up.
He was telling the enemy screw you in typical American fashion.

Those are the ones everybody knows about. But how about the millions of unsung soldiers who just went about their daily task of fighting and maybe dying who we never heard about? Maybe your dad or mom. Those are the courageous souls we should be thanking on Memorial Day.

There was just an article in the Post Gazette today about an American soldier who recently died from McKeesport Pa. During the Korean War, he was captured by the North Koreans. He was forced to march 100 miles to a POW camp and tortured there.
Yet when he came back to the states, he just picked up where he was before he served our country so gallantly.

Brave soldiers like that are the people who gave nobodys like me a chance to pursue my dream of becoming a personal injury lawyer. Without those brave soldiers who fought for us for over 200 years, I would be mopping floors at some dictator’s palace. Not trying to help people hurt in auto accidents.
So on Memorial Day  please take a moment to thank anyone who served in the Armed Forces to defend our freedoms. Pittsburgh personal injury and auto accident attorney Bernie Tully believes  they deserve it.

If any of you reading this blog is a veteran, thank you for your service!

Thanks for reading.
Pittsburgh wrongful death, car accident and personal injury lawyer Bernie Tully.