1 Nightmare Tale About Truck Accident Adjusters and Trust..

An Insurance Company Horror Story…

I met with another injury victim today who told me a terrible story. 20 years ago he was in a horrific accident with a tractor trailer truck. Inpatient at a hospital for a month. 3 surgeries. When he got home the insurance adjuster for the tractor-trailer company came to his house unannounced. Told him you do not need an attorney for this. Got him to sign a release for $20,000 and his case, which was probably worth $500,000, settled for $20,000.

You need to be able to TRUST your attorney is going to watch out for YOU.

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows it is difficult to cover mounting medical bills when you cannot work, and that’s why Best Pittsburgh lawyer Bernard M. Tully will fight for the $$ you deserve. Truck accident attorney Bernard Tully has over 35 years of experience helping victims of trucking accidents, medical malpractice, automobile accidents, and work injuries.

Here are 4 reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer if you get hurt in an accident that was not your fault:

1 To Have An Advocate: A personal injury attorney you can TRUST will serve as your advocate when negotiating with insurance companies to make sure you get a fair settlement.
personal injury claim.

2 To Ensure Certain MANDATORY LEGAL REQUIREMENTS Are Followed: In Pennsylvania, there is a statute of limitations of two years for filing a personal injury lawsuit AND properly serving the defendant by sheriffs service. If you mess that up, your claim is lost forever regardless of your injuries.

Best Pittsburgh attorney wrongful death and car accident lawyer Bernie Tully attorney knows about these requirements and will ensure that your case is timely filed.
3 To Get An Accurate Assessment Of The Damages: In addition to current medical bills and lost wages, a trustworthy personal injury attorney will help you calculate compensation for pain and suffering, future medical bills, and lost wages if you are unable to return to your job.
4 To Obtain Proof: To win your case, you need to prove the defendant was actually responsible for your injuries. A personal injury attorney will help you compile the evidence needed to prove just that.
If you’re in need of an attorney after suffering injuries caused by someone else, turn to Best Pittsburgh attorney, wrongful death and car accident lawyer Bernard M. Tully Attorney today for a free 30 minute consult about your injuries. Visit our firm’s website at www.telltully.net to learn more about our experience in the field of personal injury, or call (412) 281-8700 to schedule a FREE consultation with Pittsburgh car accident  Attorney Bernie Tully today.