February 2018

3 Kinds Of Cases Attorney Tully Handles In Addition To Injury Cases:

1. Products Liability Cases: If you have a claim against a drug or product manufacturer and we can show that their failure to warn you of the product defect caused your injuries, you can recover damages ($$). We have handled many types of Strict Liability cases. Remember we are always just a phone call away at 412-281-8700!

2. Criminal Law: The Pennsylvania Superior Court recently reaffirmed that police need some reasonable suspicion of criminal activity in order to frisk an accused. About 10% of our practice involves criminal representation, so call us if you are charged! I have represented many criminal clients in illegal search and seizure cases.

3. PFAs: The new Protection From Abuse Act is designed to help victims of spousal abuse. However, sometimes there is no legal basis for a PFA being filed. We actually had a case like that last month. So, yes we do represent people charged with PFAs.


PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: URGENT FREE Advice To All Readers Of Our Newsletter:

Select Uninsured and Underinsured coverage for your auto policy. Why is this so important to you? For 2 reasons.

A. It protects you from the unknown. No one knows the amount of auto coverage the person who rear ends or sideswipes you has before your accident. They could carry the state minimum of $15,000. Worse still their auto coverage may have lapsed, in which case there is no insurance coverage. You can sue the person for their personal assets, but most folks with no insurance also do not have any $$. See the dilemma?

B. The costs of underinsured and uninsured car insurance is dirt cheap. Get a quote from your agent and you will see what I mean. I am here to try and help you with practical advice to legal issues. So please get underinsured and uninsured insurance!

$15.5 Million Jury Verdict Awarded To Pedestrian Hit By Drunk Trucker

A man who was catastrophically injured when he was hit on the side of the road by a commercial truck operated by a drunk driver has been awarded $15.5 million by a Philadelphia jury. Notice where the jury trial occurred: Philadelphia.

What is the significance of the case being heard in Philadelphia versus the Western District of Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh)? It is that jury verdicts there are some of the highest in the country. But some verdicts and settlements here are good ones too!

Punitive Damages

Can you get punitive (punishment) $$ damages against a distracted (texting) driver? Yes, we have that very situation right now and are seeking punitive damages in addition to general damages!

Tip For Phone Tag

Do you feel like you are constantly playing telephone tag with others? Here is one idea to try. When you call a person and leave a detailed message, mention a specific time when they can call you back, and your most direct number. Does it always work? No, but it works better than just leaving a message with your name on it. Try it!

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