March 2018

Thank you everyone for reading our monthly Newsletter. Thanks to Arla P., Lou C., Bob P., and Leslie F. for your recent kind referrals. We really appreciate it!

What Is On Your Attorney’s Schedule? In March I have a jury trial listed for a passenger who was hurt in an intersection collision. I will keep you posted!

Mediation – A Strategy I Use To Help You Get The Most $$ For Your Injury Case

Recently we had a case scheduled for trial. The Defendant wanted a mediation to try and settle the case. We agreed to mediation but only if the adjuster was physically present at the mediation. Without it we were willing to go to trial in the case. Why was that so important to us? Because having the adjuster present virtually guarantees a settlement of the case. Sometimes a huge settlement of the case.

Huh? Well by being at the mediation the adjuster will have a stake in getting the case settled as much as we do. She will have to get out of her office and take the day off for this process, just like our injured client does! Having the insurance adjuster with the checkbook there, increases the odds of getting your case settled!

Casino Roulette – Rear End Car Cases

Would you turn down $600,000 for your injury case? An attorney friend told me he had a $600,000 offer to settle his rearender auto accident case. His client refused the offer. His jury came back with a $0.00 award. That is right. No $$. Yes, it does happen sometimes. If a jury just doesn’t like the Plaintiff they will justify any facts to not give the person any $$. Why? Who really knows except the 12 jurors. And their deliberations are secret.

How do you know whether to take the $$ offer in your case or not? One good way is to review prior jury awards for injuries like yours in your area. We have access to many jury awards over the past five years in the county where your accident occurred. That is a big factor in our recommendation to you. The idea is for you to be comfortable with whatever decision you make.

Workers Compensation Injustice

A few weeks ago I got a call from a tree logger who was seriously hurt on the job. He had busted his tail helping this company for a long time. What did they do as soon as he got hurt on the job? They tried to fire him. So now we are going to put the company’s feet to the fire for doing this. Please call us regarding any workers compensation or commutation cases you have.

Criminal Law – Preliminary Hearings – To Waive Or Not To Waive To Court

The short answer is it depends on the particular circumstances, since each case is different. A few weeks ago, I represented a client charged with a felony concerning false statements to the police in obtaining a firearm. I went to the Preliminary Hearing and the detective said waive it into Court and we will work something out there. But he was not willing to drop ANY charges at that level. So we decided to contest the charges at the Magistrate’s Hearing. After a long hearing, we were able to get all the charges dropped before the Magistrate. My client is a really good guy and I was glad to get all the charges dismissed for him!

The Tully Clan – What Is Happening?

Recently my wife Michelle took an 18 day trip to Australia and New Zealand. It was winter in Pittsburgh and summer there. Beautiful weather and sites. I could not go. As everyone who owns their own business knows, getting away for a few days, let alone 18 days, is impossible. But we made up for it with a short 5 day getaway last week and I came back to work fully recharged!

Tax Fraud Scam Season

To all my loyal readers and friends. Please be especially careful when getting a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS. It is a scam! If the IRS is going to contact you initially, it will be by letter.

OxyContin Maker Agrees To Stop Promoting Opiates To Doctors

It is about time. We represent victims of OxyContin and other abused drugs that lead to addiction.

Congratulations to Diane S. who won our $50.00 prize for answering last month’s question.

Now For Your Chance To Win $50.00: St. Patrick’s Day is always on what day (numeral)?

Pirate Baseball Fans

Do you think the Pirate ownership is committed to putting a quality team on the field? I wonder. What do you think?

Penguin Watch: How far will we get in the playoffs?

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!