August-September 2018

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What Is New At The Tully Law Firm? $$ Settlements

Our firm recently settled 2 hotly contested serious car intersection collision cases. One involved our client who was in her car at an intersection. The other involved a second client who was riding his bike at a disputed intersection. Both cases settled for the insurance policy limits. That legally is the MOST $$ you can receive from an insurance company.

How did we do it? Largely by hiring an accident reconstruction expert (a retired PA State Trooper). Our expert was able to determine in both cases the Defendants were speeding at the time of impact. When the insurance companies got our report they eventually tendered their policy limits in both cases!

Slip, Trip & Fall Cases

There have been some recent developments in the law concerning slip, trip & fall cases. Notice always seems to be at the forefront of these cases. Did the Defendant know of the defective condition that caused your injuries? There is another potential issue involved in trying to get you $$ in a slip & fall case – comparative negligence. However, we do handle slip & fall cases on a regular basis in serious cases. If you have such a fall, please give me a call to talk about it. Slip & falls are difficult but not impossible cases to win. Kindly give us a FREE call to talk about it.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Cases

One of the hardest things for juries to understand is how bad TBI cases are to the victim. Many times the hospital records will just say the patient suffered a major closed head injury. But what is that specifically? Some TBI injures last for 3 months, some 6 months, some a year and some forever. Trying to sort thru all this takes the help of an expert in these types of cases. We sometimes use a radiologist (doctor) and/or bio-mechanical expert to best help your case. We talk regularly with one or all of these types of experts to advocate for any TBI victim. Call us with any questions you might have on traumatic brain injury cases. They are potentially huge injury cases.

A Win For YOU – Criminal Law Update – I-Phones & The Law

U.S. Supreme Court Makes Important Decision That Redefines 4th Amendment Standards And Broadens Our Privacy Rights Concerning The Use Of Phone Data And I-Phones: The 4th Amendment protects us against unreasonable searches and seizures. But how does that apply in the digital era that we are living in? In the landmark Supreme Court decision (Carpenter) the Court once again reaffirms our basic right to be free from over-reaching government attempts to get into our I-Phone data. This is really a good example of the protections you enjoy under the 4th Amendment to our Constitution.

Greedy Lawyers – Court Shoots Down $3 Million Attorney’s Fee Request By The Winning Party In A Case Against The U.S. Government

Why? Mostly because the total settlement of the case was $1.7 million. The case involved defective batteries sold to the U.S. government for missiles. Maybe the case was out of this world (lol) but it didn’t take a Rhodes scholar to realize the Judge was never going to approve this amount. Attorneys making more than the total award in the case is a legal no-no!

MGM PR Nightmare – Can You Believe This Dept.

MGM Resort Sues More Than 1,000 VICTIMS Of Las Vegas Mass Shooting Denying Any Liability

This is pretty incredible. MGM is saying they are not responsible legally for the mass shooting that occurred on their property, involving 1,000 victims. But there is more because they took it to the next level. MGM, in fact, sued more than 1,000 victims of the shooting. Suing the very people who paid $$ to stay in their hotel is just outrageous in my opinion. What do you think?

Patriotic Reflection – Our Basic Freedoms In The U.S.

I am not sure where you stand on immigration law or the debate over people attempting to get into the United States illegally. But I find it incredible that a U.S. citizen can travel anywhere in the United States without getting any prior approval from the government. You want to go on vacation to California? Just jump on a plane, have your driver’s license and you are good to go. No government approval required. Want to drive with your family on a vacation to Indiana and travel thru Ohio in the process? Again, no government approval needed. You don’t have to pay anyone $$ under the table either. All you really need is a full tank of gas to travel in the USA.

Sometimes it is important to stop and think about the incredible blessings that we have here!

Guns Guns Guns – Personal Department

Michelle and I took a long weekend trip to Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona. Boy was it hot there. One day the high was 117̊. I was amazed at the breathtaking open scenery out there. Truly incredible. It is also fair to say they do things a bit differently in Arizona. Went to a church service on Sunday and at least half of the male parishioners were packing OPEN sidearms. Same thing when we stopped for lunch at a country and western restaurant. People were dancing on the stage to the music with their sidearms visible to everyone! Yoi!

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