November 2018


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Top 5 Questions Our Clients Ask Us About Their Car Accident Claims

What Worries Our Car Accident Clients? Here are a few things I have found that concern our clients:

1. Do I have to reimburse my own car insurance company for the medical bills I get? Answer: No you do not. You have at least $5,000 in medical bills you can incur for treatment without worrying about paying your company back.

2. Can my insurance company raise my insurance rates because I submit medical bills to them from my auto accident? Answer: Absolutely not. It is against the law.

3. If I just have the minimum $5,000 in medical bill coverage, do I start getting charged for all bills after that? Answer: No, because your insurance company does not pay your medical bills dollar for dollar. If the doctor or hospital bill is $1,000 they may pay $500 of that and the doctor or hospital will accept that as payment in full. Legally it is called an Act 6  reduction. All at no charge to you.

4. Can I make a claim against my own insurance company for underinsurance or uninsured coverage under my policy? Answer: Yes and your insurance company cannot raise your rates or drop you because you are making the claim! Why? Because you paid them extra $$ for the extra UM/UIM coverage.

5. Do I need an attorney if I make an uninsured or underinsurance claim against my own insurance company? Answer: Absolutely you do. Why? Because the Courts have ruled in that situation you are in an adversarial relationship with them. Simply put, they are not on your side. We are! They often try to limit or stop you from getting any underinsurance or uninsured $$ from them.

Want A Good Example Of This? A few months ago we represented a client who made an uninsured claim (person at fault had no insurance) against her own insurance company for a soft tissue injury. Her insurance company offered her $1,500 to settle her case. We then got involved with helping this lovely person. Recently we were able to get the client $25,000 (the policy limit) from her own insurance company!

6. Can I sue my own insurance company for Bad Faith? Answer: Yes because the Courts say that your insurance company must act in Good Faith with you. But they often do not.

Please give us a try. Car accidents of all types. It is what we do! How does this sound to you – Car Accidents Are Us! LOL

Let’s Learn The Law Together Section: Default Judgments

Basically it means you cannot even present your claim to the jury. A default judgment can happen for reasons like not properly naming or serving the Defendant within two years and blowing the statute of limitations. This is a pretty good reason to get an attorney involved in your case sooner rather than later.

District Attorney Warns Public About Buying Pain Pills On The Street

A Pennsylvania District Attorney issued a public warning to anyone buying prescription drugs on the street for cash. He said 3 people recently died from street pills because they contained heroin and a deadly synthetic opioid, fentanyl.

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