December 2018

Christmas Hard Times

Everyone knows what it is like to desperately need help during the Christmas season for some basic family gifts. If you are in that situation, we will help you in some way. Just call our office at 412-281-8700. Your call is confidential. Bernie

What Is New At The Tully Law Firm, Part One

Settlements Are About $$ To You: A mediation is all about trying to get you the most $$ possible for your case in the quickest way possible, at the least amount of cost to you.

Recently we had a mediation in a serious slip & fall injury case. The adjuster, who controls the $$, agreed to come in from Virginia for the mediation. That is always a good sign for you because it means they are serious about trying to get the case resolved.

After some lengthy negotiations, we were about $5,000 apart. It was 4:00 in the afternoon. At that point they suggested splitting the $5,000 difference. I said no. Why? Because I had a feeling that they would not walk away from the table, especially since the adjuster came in from Virginia, for $5,000. So we stood our ground and said no it was either pay us the extra $5,000 or no settlement.

Imagine my surprise when they eventually agreed to our terms. The point of all this is we hopefully have a sense of how far to push at a mediation because of lots of experience doing them. Our law firm has probably done 300 of them over the years. So it was worth the negotiation ploy. Let me be the first to say that it doesn’t always work out nicely like this, but this time it did!

What Is New At The Tully Law Firm, Part Two

Our newest paralegal, Pam Postapack, recently celebrated her one year anniversary at our firm. Pam is doing a tremendous job working on your cases, collecting your medical records, answering interrogatories, and getting settlement demands out to the insurance companies. Pam is a welcome addition to our firm who not only has a kind heart but a good grasp of legal issues affecting your case.

In my opinion, Pam is an excellent paralegal just like our other ace paralegal Denise. They do not get enough credit for the incredible work they do. Pam and Denise, along with Mary our long term loyal, caring secretary, are what makes our operation a success. Not me. You’ll know that we care for you and your case as soon as you call us. That’s something you do NOT see too often at bigger law firms with their high staff turnover and bickering among staff employees. Thankfully we do not have that at our firm.

What Is Happening In The Law

Serious Injuries Demand Serious $$ – Jury Awards $10.6 Million To Mother Who Lost Arm in Minivan Crash:
A jury awarded the money as compensatory damages last week after 8 months of trial before a Pennsylvania Court. It was worth the wait. But would anyone voluntarily give up an arm for $10 million? Think about it!

Church/Clergy Abuse

Federal authorities have launched an investigation into the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania, roughly two months after the state’s Attorney General issued a detailed history of sex abuse in parishes across the state. Recently, the Catholic Diocese in Pittsburgh set up a compensation fund for victims of clergy abuse. Stay tuned for details on this.

$44M Judgment Entered In Fight Over Authorship Of Usher Song

A man claiming to have been cheated out of credit for writing a song that was eventually recorded by R&B star Usher, has won a more than $40 million judgment in a combined verdict and settlement against two men he co-wrote the song with.

When Does Music Cross The Line From Art To Criminal Conduct? The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ruled that lyrics of a rap song may lead to criminal charges. If your words incite others to violence, you may face criminal charges!

Foster Care Abuse

If you or a family member was abused in a foster home, nursing home or in an adoption situation, we would like to talk to you about your case.


A special thanks to the following people who graciously referred us cases in the past month. Terry H., John T., Michael P., and Bobby K. We cannot thank you enough for the referrals. It’s what makes our firm grow!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Sandra S. for winning $50.00 in last month’s Newsletter contest.

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