Stadium and Sports Entertainment Injury – Have You Been Injured?

Every week in Pittsburgh, there are a number of events that take place bringing many fans together to support the black and gold. Whether it is Heinz Field, PPG Paints Arena, PNC Park, or the Peterson Events Center, fans like you and I can experience a severe personal injury. Depending on the situation at hand, there may have been negligence involved. Contact Bernard M. Tully today to learn how he can help you.

slip and fall injuries in stadiums

Slip and Fall Injuries in Stadiums

As you spend several hours at a concert or a sporting event there are many risks you could face. At a Heinz Field you may experience icy conditions due to cold weather potentially causing slip and fall injuries in stadiums which include:
• Concussions
• Broken Bones
• Torn Muscles
• Hospital Visits
• Physical Therapy
If you experience any injury at a sporting event we will work with you to
determine if the cause of the issue could have been prevented or mitigated. Due to negligence, property owners may be liable to compensate you for your pain and suffering. This isn’t something you should do alone, contact our firm today!

Confrontation with Other Fans

Every season, there are confrontations that happen between home and away fans. This is something we advise against however, it does sometimes take place. If you are injured in a confrontation, please contact us today. It is crucial that we gather evidence such as witnesses and any video as quickly as possible to avoid losing crucial case information. If security fails to do their job in protecting fans like you due to issues such as negligence, please contact us today.

If you or a loved one has experienced an injury at a stadium or entertainment event, please contact us today. You don’t have to do this alone. We are here to represent you.