July – August 2019 Newsletter

2019 Steeler Magnets-Faithful Newsletter Readers

We have some good news to share. I was debating whether to do Steeler magnets this year. Then I went to visit a prior client concerning her auto accident case. On her refrigerator were 3 of my prior Steeler magnets. Incredibly she said she can’t throw the old ones out because she feels that the magnets make her a part of a family, namely all of you and us. Wow, I got so choked up I couldn’t talk. That sold me. We will be sending you your free Steeler, Penn State University, University of Pittsburgh and Monday Night football magnet in next month’s issue. Consider it our gift to you for being very very loyal clients and helping our firm succeed!

Summer Vacation

I hope you are having a great start to the summer. The weather has been a bit rainy this year. But hopefully it means we will have a fantastic July and August. Where are you going on vacation this year? Is anyone going to the shore? Outer Banks?

Michelle and I just got back from a short trip to Cancun. We left on a Friday and were back on Monday. That was enough time for me. Boy was it hot there! 91◦ almost every day. We stayed at a resort and received first class service. I was especially impressed with the workers there. They do so much and get so little recognition  for their excellent help!

Can I make a suggestion: If you are going on vacation this summer, go out of your way to compliment some of the workers where you stay. Especially workers who do menial tasks that we just take for granted. If you give them a compliment you will just see their faces light up when you take the minute to recognize them!

Dominican Republic Resorts

Millions of people have traveled safely there over the years and most of them had a great experience. But there have been several reported deaths that are unexplained at some of the resorts there. What is going to get the resorts to change their procedures to provide 1st class safety and security to the vacationers? Mostly it will be the bad PR they are receiving. But a secondary reason will be because attorneys will be suing for the people who died there. Nothing makes a resort more safety conscious than being on the receiving end of a lawsuit for these deaths.

Injury lawyers who sue are able to often force changes and safety updates at these resorts. Many injury lawyers are obnoxious and egotistical. But they are a necessary evil to help improve safety in our society. How do you feel about this?

Congratulations to Gloria R. for getting last month’s Newsletter question correct. She will win a $50.00 check from our office.

Now your chance to win $50.00 quickly. Name one amusement park in Ohio (hint: Sandusky). Good luck!

Criminal Law Update – I-Phone Cases

Are the police allowed to look at a suspect’s text messages? Can they force the individual to provide their security code if they have probable cause to arrest the individual? These are very difficult 4th Amendment issues in our society that will be decided in the next several months. Please stay tuned for the results.

This Month’s Legal Question

Why do personal injury cases take so long to settle? Mostly because insurance companies are demanding more and more information from us before they make an offer. They want to get all of your records as a standard procedure for the last several years prior to your accident before they even make an offer. Plus the hospitals send your records to be copied to outside agencies who are very very slow.

Our advice is to just allow us to get the records that they are asking for as quickly as possible so we can help you get $$ for your claim. Please know we are trying to maximize your recovery.

How Far Will We Go?

The Tully Law Firm will travel and accept clients from any part of Pennsylvania who are seriously hurt in an accident. We have represented clients as far away as Philadelphia and Fayette County and we are a phone call away! 412-281-8700

New Newsletter Item #1 – Dog Law Update

Do you love your dog? Many of our readers have dogs and are passionate in their love for their pets. Incidents of dog neglect and abuse, unfortunately, are on the rise. Therefore, a bill was introduced to make certain types of dog abuse a felony. I will keep you updated on the progress of the bills. Do you have a tip on training your dog? Will you share it with us? If you do, we can post it in a future Newsletter!

#2 Word Power – Vapid

What does the word mean? Vapid means dull, boring or uninteresting. Many attorneys have vapid personalities.

Your attorney and friend,

Bernard M. Tully