EASY Steps to Resolving Your Pedestrian Accident Case

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Can I suggest 4 easy steps to settling your pedestrian accident case? The 1st thing you want to do is get a copy of the police report. See what the police report says because the insurance company will take that as gospel. If you know of any witnesses that were on the police report, call them and find out what they saw. Find out if the police report says that you were in the crosswalk. If you were in the crosswalk, you are in a very good position.

The 2nd thing you want to do is get your medical records. Did you go for treatment? How long were you there for? When was your discharge? What bills do you currently have?

The 3rd thing is to document whether you had any follow up treatments since the initial accident. Maybe the first couple of weeks you had physical therapy then stopped. Then later you had to go back for treatment. You need to get every one of your records. Why? Because each record adds value to your case.

The 4th thing you want to do is send over everything you have in a neat package to the insurance company for the person who caused the accident with a notation for them to contact you. Some people think, “Well I should put a demand on here of $50,000 or something.” I strongly advise you not to do that. Why? Because when you put a number on it, you set the ceiling on how much they will give you. They will not give you the $50,000 that you asked for, They are going to negotiate you down from $50,000. If you leave it blank, you are in a much better position. Let them make the first offer. Those are the 4 easy things to take to settle your pedestrian auto accident case. I am here to help.

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Bernie Tully Personal Injury Lawyer. Phone: 412-281-8700