Your Next Step if Your Child is Hit by a Car

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Today’s blog concerns your child’s injury case. If your child is crossing the road and is hit by a drunk driver or even just a driver that is not paying attention, what should you do? These cases are a little bit different from the others because here your injured child doesn’t have the protection that she would have if she had been in a car. The injuries are usually much more substantial in these cases. We are here to help you through your case.

Sometimes your child might have a dart out case. A dart out case is when your child darts across the road without looking. Those things do happen but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is fatal to your case. It is still worth talking to us about the case.

If your child happens to be in a crosswalk and is injured by a driver, we would love to hear from you and talk to you about it because those are actually the best kind of cases to have. If your child was in the crosswalk, you have a winner legally. Call us to see what your next step is if your child is hit by a car. We can help you!

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