How Long Does It Take To Settle My Back Injury Case?

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Today’s blog is on the question, how long will it take to settle my back injury soft-tissue case? The answer is, as I always say, it depends. That sounds like a cop-out answer from an attorney but it is really true. It depends on so many other factors and to try and give a timeline as to what’s involved is very hard. Here are a couple reasons why it depends is really the honest answer.

How long will it take to settle my back injury?

1st, it depends on what the prior treatment was for the injured person who has a current back problem that needs surgery.

2nd, how long does it take to get all of your records? The hospitals and doctors now are not copying the records themselves anymore. They are sending them out to an agency that has 10,000 requests for records so it takes longer than most people realize.

3rd, who is the insurance company involved? Some insurance companies move the cases quickly. They make offers much quicker than others. Some play a game. They play the delay game where they deliberately string you out and they deliberately take longer than you realistically expect to make an offer to you.

4th, who is the adjuster with the individual insurance company. Certain adjusters are much easier to work with in settling your case. Other adjusters just throw road block after road block at you to try to avoid paying out money.

In terms of treatment, we never want to send a message out to an insurance company saying that we think that this is the extent of the treatment or that we think this is a reasonable demand to try to settle the case because then you are hurting yourself. We never do that. Instead we wait until you have finished all of your treatment. So the answer to the specific question is real hard for any type of injury. The only promise I’ll make to you is I try to be honest with you and we will move the case along as fast as we can.

Call us. Our main focus is honesty. We always preach it. We are passionate about trying to help you!

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