Did You Fall Unexpectedly and Need Surgery?

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During the winter, the Pittsburgh area can be dangerous with ice and snow on sidewalks and at malls. This can potentially cause you to become a victim of an unexpected slip-and-fall injury from bad weather. Plus, all of this can happen at a moment’s notice! To be honest, a lot of times the injuries that you suffer can be very serious.

We once had a case where we were retained to represent a client who was walking into a gas station and he slipped on ice. Because of his slip-and-fall due to this bad weather, he ended up with a fractured hip and he had to have surgery. You don’t think that these things will happen to you, but they can. Furthermore, there’s no law that requires you to be always looking down to see where you’re going. You just have to be reasonable.

There are four values to having an attorney involved in your unexpected slip-and-fall case due to bad weather. 1, we can get to the accident scene quickly. 2, we can gather photos of where the incident happened. 3, we can have our investigator right there to do an initial evaluation. 4, we can hopefully find some witnesses and get the video of the place where you fell. All of this we would be able to use to your advantage in fighting the insurance company.

Bernard Tully slip-and-fall personal injury lawyer has experience in helping people get the money they deserve for their slip-and-fall case. Give us a call and we will give you an evaluation. We don’t collect any money unless we get you money for your slip-and-fall due to bad weather case.

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