April 2020

New! This is Michael J. Tully, Esquire’s 1 st Newsletter to you. Let us know how he did!

THANK YOU ALL: We wish to gratefully thank Janet B., Diane G., Gloria B., Terence Y. and Bobby R. for their kindness. They referred our law firm to friends injured in accidents. It really makes a difference to our practice. Thank you all!

WHAT IS NEW AT THE TULLY LAW FARM: Coronavirus: Many Allegheny County residents were recently diagnosed with contracting the virus and we pray for their speedy recovery!  Denise and Pam, our ace paralegals, and Mary our secretary, are driving in to work. I have given Mary the option of staying home if she wants to. Usually they take the “T” or a bus in, but anything to avoid crowded spaces.  I am truly blessed to have such a dedicated staff. We are a team, and even the Coronavirus will not stop us from helping you.

Want proof of this? If you are a client of ours you are given both my cell phone number and Michael’s too for access to us.  Not many other firms do that I am told.

ALLEGHENY COUNTY CIVIL COURTS SHUT DOWN: Due to concerns over the Coronavirus, Allegheny County Courts have shut down. Same with Butler County. We have a case currently on the May trial term, but will have to see when it gets rescheduled. Stay tuned!

THE BLIZZARD OF ’93 AND THE ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARADE: Are you old enough to remember the blizzard of 1993? With over 23 inches of snow dropped on Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, the region was completely shut down! Yet it still didn’t stop the St. Patrick’s Day Parade! Wow!

CONGRATULATIONS TO: Marietta H. who won our $50.00 prize for successfully answering March’s Newsletter Question.

NOW FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN $50.00: On what date does Easter Sunday occur this April?

JOKE OF THE MONTH: Tonight, I dreamt of walking on a sandy beach. I guess that explains the footprints in my cat’s litter box.

WORD OF THE MONTH: Panache – noun – a grand and flamboyant manner. People who attend the Kentucky Derby wear fancy hats and conduct themselves with great panache!

PUNITIVE DAMAGES IN A CLAIM: We recently filed a complaint involving a fatal collision and sought punitive damages as part of the claim. Punitive damages are designed to punish and deter similar conduct in the future. They are extra damages that are added on to general damages! The defense attorneys in our case called and asked us to remove our claim for punitive damages, to which we said absolutely not! Even if the Judge disagrees with us, and removes our claim for punitive damages, the defense attorneys (AND THE INSURANCE COMPANY) will know we aggressively represent our clients. At the Tully Law Firm, we honestly try to do everything we can to help our clients.

PENS VS. FYLERS 1ST ROUND MATCHUP AHEAD? The sports world has shut down in order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. However, when the season was put on hold, the Philadelphia Flyers were 2nd in the Metro Division, and the Penguins were in 3rd . This means if the Stanley Cup Playoffs started today, the Penguins would be traveling to Philadelphia for a best-of-seven matchup! I will never forget the insane series between the Penguins and Flyers in 2012! The two teams truly dislike each other! I hope that the NHL season restarts – along with all the other sports! Boy would a Pens v. Flyers matchup be fun to watch, even if it will be stressful to all of us!

APRIL FOOLS: Be on the lookout for April Fool’s pranks this year! Even though it happens every year, I always manage to fall for at least one joke/prank each year! How about you?

CORONA LIGHT/EXTRA BEER SALES CRASH DUE TO CORONAVIRUS: What’s the cost of a name? According to reports published at the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the sales for Corona products crashed as consumers steered clear of the popular beer product just because of the name associated with the Coronavirus. Corona has denied such reports, and instead states that sales have been down across the industry, not just with Corona, but I am skeptical. Not many children named Beelzebub right? lol


Your friends and attorneys,

Michael J. Tully & Bernard M. Tully