Stores and Their Legal Obligations to Customers and Employees During Coronavirus Times

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There are some legal issues that have arisen during the coronavirus crisis, particularly for retailers and their shoppers, which we’d like to discuss.

The first instance actually occurred in the United Kingdom. This happened in early March before some of the more stern restrictions involving hoarding and how many people are allowed in buildings started. It was like a Black Friday incident outside of Costco with a very long line. As soon as the store opened the doors, everyone rushed in at one time and they were all going for the toilet paper which was seemingly everyone’s biggest concern when this outbreak first started. However, when this big rush happened a 14-year old girl who was in a wheelchair was knocked over and severely injured.

This raises some legal questions. Do you think the store should be held legally responsible? Do you think they should have put additional safety measures in place? Maybe they could have staggered people entering the store. Or, do you think that the young lady in the wheelchair accepted the risk of getting in line, seeing this rush that was about to happen, accepted it, and therefore the store shouldn’t be held responsible?

The second instance is a very tragic circumstance. As some of you know, at Giant Eagle they require you to wear a face mask whenever you go into the store otherwise they will refuse your entry. The security guard that was manning the entrance to ensure these restrictions were followed. During this Covid-19 crisis, they refused entry to a woman because she did not have a face mask. Because of this, the woman goes back to get her father and brother who go back to the store where the security guard was and they shot and killed him.

This is just a tragic set of circumstances and obviously the woman that facilitated this should be held responsible along with her father and brother. On the other hand, do you think the store holds any responsibility? Does the family of the security guard who was shot and killed doing his job have a claim against the store? Do you think there should have been more than one security guard at the front?

These are just some of the legal issues that are developing. What standards should these retailers be held to? This is obviously new case law where we are going to see a lot of development. We will be ready for anything and I hope everyone’s staying safe right now.

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