The Best Pittsburgh Lawyers Care: Try Our 30 Second Rule

Bernard Tully Personal Injury Lawyer. Phone: 412-281-8700

The best Pittsburgh lawyers care, and at the Tully Law Firm, we make our clients know that we are with them 100%. The first question you might ask yourself is “Why should I call the law firm of Bernie Tully, as opposed to another law firm, for my injury case?” All we ask you to do is the objective, quantifiable test that only takes 30 seconds of your time. And that’s why we call it the 30 Second Rule.

We care. But everyone who claims to be the best Pittsburgh lawyers say “we care”. Do they really care? That’s the issue. The way to find out whether the Tully Law Firm distinguishes itself from other law firms by saying they care is this: Call us! Spend 30 seconds on the phone with anyone in the office from Mary, our dedicated secretary, to our paralegals, to myself or my son Michael Tully Esquire.

Just get a sense of us and you’ll know after 30 seconds whether we care about you or you’re just another case, another number, or something to push through as fast as possible to make a profit. Unfortunately, you see a lot of firms are like that based on what clients have told us over the years. They only care about turning the case quickly for a buck.

So call us to see that we are the best, and most caring, Pittsburgh lawyers.  If you don’t feel 100% comfortable, by all means, go to someone else. It only takes 30 seconds! However, if you like what we do, and more importantly you can feel that we care about you as a person and what you’re going through, perhaps we are worth a visit.

That’s all we ask. We do all types of cases, including auto accident and injury cases, but we use the same philosophy for whatever type of case it is. We care about you and it only takes 30 seconds to find that out.

Our main focus is honesty. We always preach it. We are passionate about trying to help you! Questions about the blog? CALL US!