Was Your Accident-Related Surgery Postponed Due to COVID-19? Here’s What You Should Do!

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One of our clients is currently going through a very difficult situation because Covid-19 limited her access to necessary medical treatment.  She was involved in a slip-and-fall accident and sustained serious ankle injuries. She ended up undergoing surgery but was also scheduled to return for a subsequent procedure called a fusion. Originally, she was scheduled to go in and have the fusion surgery done at the end of March. However, because of the coronavirus, the hospital told her that they were postponing all elective surgeries and she must wait to undergo the fusion surgery for an unknown amount of time. So, will this postponed surgery delay caused by Covid-19 affect her claim and prevent her from getting the proper value for what she is going through?

We suggest only worrying about what is in your power to change.  Our client’s situation was out of her hands.

There is nothing that you can do about a postponed surgery. However, what you can do is to keep a running diary of how you feel each day. Write down what problems you are experiencing. Using our client with the ankle problem as an example, when you walk up steps, how does it affect you? Is there a shooting pain? Does it last for a second or does it last for 20 minutes? Do you have to take medicine for the pain you were going through? Write all these things down! It does not have to be an elaborate diary. If you say on XYZ day, these are the problems I was having, and this is how it affected my daily activities.

Then, at a later point, we can use this diary while you’re waiting to get your elective surgery done in the future. When your deposition comes up, you will have proof instead of saying, “Well, I was hurting the whole time for seven months.” Saying something so generic like that loses its impact. However, if you say on April 7th, I was having trouble with stairs, that is specific and will get the attention of the other side. They will now know what you experienced, which they wouldn’t have it wasn’t written down. This is just another tip about what you can do while you are waiting to get your elective surgery. Then give it to your attorney at a later point so it can enhance the value of your case.

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