How We Can Provide You an Insurance Offer in 30 Days

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Today’s blog is about the policy our office has developed throughout the years to put our injured clients in the best possible situation to receive the most compensation for what they went through as a result of their accident. It is called the 30-day rule. This means that when we send our demand package, which includes our clients’ medical records, photographs, and any medical bills, over to the insurance company we inform them that they must respond to us within a certain number of days. The insurance company almost always responds that they will need more time and that “we want your injured client’s records from years before the accident up through until the present time.”

There is often a debate about how much time to give the insurance company to make an offer after receiving the demand package. We know some clients get frustrated, deservedly so, because the insurance company is deliberately delaying extending you an offer.  The insurance companies delay extending an offer so they hope you will take the first low offer on the table, allowing them to increase their profits which should be going to you as the victim of an injury.

Therefore, Allegheny County Car Accident Lawyer Bernard Tully started a new policy that is called the 30-day rule. If the client allows it, we give the insurance company a strict 30-day deadline to respond to our demand. If they do not respond within those 30 days, we file the lawsuit within a couple of days of the expiration of the 30-day deadline. Once the client gives us that okay, the lawsuit will be filed on their behalf.

We find our rule forces the insurance companies to take your case much more seriously. They know that we have followed up on our demand in previous cases just like we said we would do by filing a lawsuit. It is our way of trying to increase the value of your case and to get you a higher settlement faster.

Our main focus is honesty. We always preach it. We are passionate about trying to help any injured person or family member with their case. Questions about the blog? CALL US!

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