Did You Receive the TOP Offer? Here’s A Secret Tip to Find Out!

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We have a neat tip we use to determine whether the insurance company is giving you their top offer. Ready? Often the insurance adjuster tells a client they will not give another penny no matter what. But that is not always the truth. Please note, this does not work in every case, and it has to be done on an individual basis. However, we’ve used it with considerable success over the years.

As an example, suppose we get an offer of $90,000 to settle your injury case in which you had surgery. How do you know that $90,000 offer is their top number? Our secret tip to see if this is their top offer is to file a lawsuit and then send a copy of it over to the insurance adjuster who offered you $90,000. If the offer does not increase, then you know that is the top offer. However, sometimes what happens is the insurance company will get a second level adjuster on the case because of the lawsuit filed. A lot of times this can lead them to increase their original offer. They know that if they go through the lawsuit, they will have to pay a defense attorney and incur more fees than originally planned.

That sometimes works with certain insurance companies. We’ve had a track record as to who this would work with or who it doesn’t work with on a more consistent basis. If we’re representing you, Bernard Tully Injury Lawyer would be happy to share that information with you! It’s a great way of finding out if that is the insurance company’s top offer or not.

Our main focus is honesty. We always preach it. We are passionate about trying to help any injured person or family member with their case. Questions about the blog? CALL US!

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