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Today, we are going to share some questions we get on a regular basis from clients regarding Pittsburgh defense medical exam. Defense medical exams, or what the insurance companies like to call “Independent Medical Exams” are anything but independent. Why? Because the doctors who conduct them are making hundreds of thousands of dollars doing these exams repeatedly for the same insurance companies!

Who do you think they are going to favor when they write a report? Of course, they are going to write a report that is tailored towards the insurance companies. That is what you have to face when you have these defense medical exams. You go in there and no matter what you do, they use it against you. You’re either walking too straight and they say that you’re obviously faking it. Or you’re walking normally, and insurance company doctors say since you’re walking normally, there’s no problems at all. They’re looking for some reason to throw a torpedo or a grenade at your case. Why? Because of the $ they are making on them from the insurance companies.

We are a little flabbergasted by what we have heard they do at these exams. Some doctors have used a two-way mirror where they can look and see the client prior to the examination in the room and they can see whether they’re limping or not. This gives them the opportunity to say, “Well I observed the client for three minutes and he wasn’t limping at all.” Of course, you were not limping. You were sitting in a chair the whole time! That is the kind of jaded game you’re playing when you have to go to a Pittsburgh defense medical exam that are paid for by the insurance company. The doctors will write whatever the insurance company wants them to!

Give us a call. We can give you tips on things you should and shouldn’t do at these defense medical exams to try to level the playing field for you.

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