Pittsburgh Wrongful Death Claim? Avoid This ONE Thing!

Pittsburgh wrongful death claim

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If a loved one in your family has been tragically killed due to the actions of a wrongdoer, typically in a trucking accident or an auto accident, what is the one thing that a family member can do that will destroy any chance of the estate receiving a monetary financial recovery? On the internet, you often hear about lawyers telling you ten things you should do. Today, however, I want to talk about what you need to avoid during a Pittsburgh wrongful death claim.

First, it is important to explain what exactly a wrongful death claim entails. It is a special kind of lawsuit brought on behalf of someone who died because of the defendant’s negligent or intentional act. As stated above, trucking or auto accidents are good examples.

Pittsburgh wrongful death claim Attorney Bernard Tully wants you to know if you post on social media that the fatal tragedy was intentionally caused by the other driver, the insurance company will immediately deny the estate’s wrongful death claim.

Why is that? Intentional acts are not covered under insurance policies in Pennsylvania. Every insurance policy written in Pennsylvania provides coverage for accidents caused by careless or negligent acts. So, if you post on the internet that the wrongdoer deliberately ran your loved one off the road, you have torpedoed your opportunity to recover from the wrongdoer’s insurance company if they notice it.

We have encountered cases where the trucking company’s insurance policy was worth $25 million. Even if the opposing party admits guilt, if it is decided that the conduct was done purposefully, rather than carelessly, the insurance company will completely dismiss the wrongful death claim and any prospect of financial compensation. 

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