Insurance Companies Find DIRT on You: Here’s How

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Today’s blog is on the three ways that insurance companies find dirt on you and use that information to try to limit or devalue your claim. I am sharing this from my personal experience of 30+ years of doing this.

Prior Accidents

The first thing the insurance company does is as soon as you make a claim or put in a letter to the insurance company is they look up to see if you have any prior accidents. You may be wondering how the insurance companies do that.

There is an index called the Cleveland Index that reports any auto accident that occurs in Pennsylvania. You can be sure that the insurance company is putting your name in the index to see what accidents you might have had in the past. They do this to utilize the fact that you were in a prior accident and use it against you.

Investigate the Internet

The second thing insurance companies do is an investigation on the internet of you personally. They are trying to figure out what you are like, if you owe child support, been divorced, had any drunk driving convictions, and anything at all that involves what is legally called crimen falsi (crimes of dishonesty). They want to find as much dirt about you as they can because they are going to use that against you at your deposition.

Take Your Deposition Under Oath

The third way insurance companies find dirt is to take your deposition under oath. In your deposition, they mention all kinds of crazy things against you. They will say, “I see in your medical records that you had problems with this part of your body before when you had a motor vehicle accident 25 years ago, is that true” What is the implication of this? They try to argue that your injuries were all from the prior accident.

Our job is to block all the dirt that the insurance companies try to throw at you. We have ways to do that to try to protect you.

Our main focus is honesty. We always preach it. We are passionate about trying to help you! Questions about the blog? CALL US Today!

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