August 2023

Specifically, in a few months you will know more about the law than
90% of your friends and neighbors! That can only help you in your
daily life. Here is an example: We often talk in the Newsletter
about the value to you of buying as much underinsurance on your
auto policy as you can, in case you are in a serious car accident
right? Well, as strange  as it sounds, many people do not even know
what underinsurance is, much less why it is so important to get as
much of it as they can. You do by reading this monthly Newsletter.
So congratulations and keep reading Scholars of the law!

STEELER MAGNETS ARE COMING TO YOU! Because of the number of people
who have called or emailed us requesting them, we are going to be
sending you a FREE Steeler, Pitt and Penn State schedule magnet. We
know you have always looked out for us over the years, so we hope
you enjoy them and put them on your refrigerator!

WHAT IS NEW AT THE TULLY LAW FIRM: We currently represent the
estate of a motorcycle driver killed in a car accident due to the
carelessness of a government driver. So a claim must be made under
something called Federal Tort Claims Act(FTCA). An attorney was
assigned to represent the federal government in the claim. Our
initial thought was, my God, a claim against the United States of
America. Where is this going to take us? But it turns out the U.S.
government attorney is a nice guy and easy to work with. Guess you
never know!

PRACTICAL FYI: How do you know if your I-phone has been hacked?
1. Your battery drains quickly regardless of how much you charge  
2. Your phone is hot even when it hasn’t been recently used. 
3. You are experiencing overall poor performance like crashing or 
   automatically loading pages.
4. There is an overall spike in data usage.
5. You learn about calls/texts you did not make.
6. New apps are appearing on your screen.
7. You notice unusual activity to your accounts.
8. You lose your signal easily and often.
If you experience any 3 or more of these, you should shut your
phone down and change your password. We hope this helps.

CASE VALUE: Your case value from our viewpoint: What is your case
worth? Often clients ask us what the value of their case is. It is
a fair question to ask. The value of your case (if it does not go
to trial) is what we can push and push the insurance adjuster to
get to. You can understand insurance adjusters often tell us this
is the top dollar we have for this accident case and not a penny
more. But part of our job is to keep pushing them to get the number
up higher and higher until we know it really IS their top number.
We believe this is the best way to help you as the innocent victim
here. Hope it helps you understand our thought process in
representing you zealously in your car accident case.

LESS IS MORE: Walmart was hit with a $5.5 million verdict in a slip
& fall at a Pa. store. The client had serious injuries and the jury
verdict reflected this. What was the key to it? Keeping the case
short and to the point. No long winded speeches by counsel or
lengthy objections. The jury was selected and came back with the
$5.5 million verdict in 2 days. A lot of times jurors reward a
seriously hurt victim and their attorneys who do not drag the case
on endlessly.

SPORTS UPDATE: Well you heard it here first. The Pirates are going
to the World Series within the next three years! I know we’ve had
a lot of false starts over the years, but feel very good about my 
prediction. Why? Simply the number of 1st round draft picks who are
on the Pirates currently. 4 with another one (Paul Skenes)  who was
just picked and signed last month!

Imagine the Steelers selecting in the draft: Terry Bradshaw, Mean
Joe Greene, Jack Lambert and Lynn Swann as picks to build a team
around. It might not be exactly the same, but it’s pretty darn
similar. Let’s go Bucs.

TULLY CONGRATULATIONS LIST: Jennifer Tully, a former paralegal at
our office, on the recent Baptism of her son Christopher. Happy
upcoming Birthday to my daughter Katie (August 11) and my daughter
Elizabeth (August 21)! Lastly, Happy belated Birthday to my ace
bookkeeper Angela on her birthday (July 20)! 

Did you know my wife Michelle recently had a total knee
replacement? Amazingly, they had her doing physical therapy the
same day. Now for home therapy...

CONGRATULATIONS TO: Lisa B. who spotted the misspelled word last
month and won $50.00.

Now for your chance to win $50. We deliberately misspelled a word
in this month’s Noisesletter. What is it? Good luck! 412-281-8700.

						Your friends and attorneys,
						Bernard M. Tully and Michael J. Tully

Enjoy the Summer!

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