When Should You File A Lawsuit In A Car Accident Case?

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A common question related to auto accidents that we often get is, “When should you file a lawsuit in a car accident case?” Should you file a lawsuit immediately or wait a while before pursuing legal action? There are pros and cons to both approaches.

When To File A Lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit immediately means your case could reach trial sooner, providing a quicker resolution. However, there’s a flip side. Waiting a bit longer to gather all your medical records and treatment information, along with identifying the insurance company through our services, could potentially lead to negotiations that eliminate the need for a lawsuit. Each case varies, but it’s worth considering the possibility of not needing to go to trial.

While some might initially want their “day in court,” it is important to remember that the trial process can be lengthy, cumbersome, and emotionally taxing. Depositions, doctor evaluations, cross-examinations, and other aspects can take a toll and you. That is why it might be beneficial to delay filing a lawsuit unless immediate action is your preference.

Now, here’s an essential point to consider. Before initiating any lawsuit, we take the time to walk you through what the process entails. Starting with the initial complaint, a lawsuit takes on a life of its own. For instance, we’d handle answering discovery requests, which involve a series of questions under oath. This might include details about the accident, your background, prior incidents, and authorization to access your records. We work to protect your interests during this stage.

Subsequently, you might be scheduled for a deposition which is a Q&A session under oath with you and your attorney led by an attorney. Additionally, the opposing party might request an evaluation by a doctor of their choice to assess your condition. This process, while part of the legal process, showcases how insurance companies often employ these tactics to give you a lower-case value.

The positive aspect amidst all of this is that, throughout these procedures, we are simultaneously negotiating with the insurance company to secure a settlement. We strive to maximize the offer on your behalf, aiming for the best possible outcome.

Overall, the important thing to understand is that you are the one in control! If you hire us to represent you and decide that an immediate lawsuit is the way to go, we will support your decision.

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