In this IssueDecember 2009

  • Your Best Option After A Trucking Accident

Please call me at 800-518-0050 to talk about any questions concerning truck accidents. Why call me? Well for starters, I am a member of the Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America and, second, because I can help you get a fair recovery for your injuries. So please call me. Tick Tock, Tick Tock We have all heard that “haste makes waste”, but this may not be true when you have been injured. Whether your injury was caused by a truck accident, or a defective product, you should contact our firm as soon as possible. One reason for this is that your injury starts the ticking of a legal clock, known as the “Statute of Limitations”.

  • Statute of Limitations – A Quick Overview

A Statute of Limitation is nothing more than a legal rule that limits how long you can wait before bringing a claim against another person. If you do not make your claim before the statute of limitations passes, the law may prevent you from ever doing so. Statutes of limitations are followed strictly by our courts. If you are even a single day late, your claim may be dismissed – ‘close enough’ does not help with the statute of limitations. So how long is the statute of limitations for an injury claim? The general answer is that it depends on the facts of the case and the way in which you were injured. For most personal injury cases, the statute of limitations is 2 years. We’ll make sure that the statute of limitations’ clock doesn’t run out on you!!! CALL US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER AN ACCIDENT OR INJURY so that we can evaluate your case.

  • Timing Is Essential

Another good reason to call us immediately after an injury is that the insurance company initially sets a reserve. A reserve is their initial idea what they think the value of your claim might be. We work very hard to get the insurance company to initially set a high reserve in your case. That works to your advantage because the higher the initial reserve, the higher the offer will likely be later to settle your claim. In everyday language “Bigger Better – Smaller Worse!!”