JULY 2013

Your (Hopefully) Favorite Attorney Finally Makes It To The United States Supreme Court

Well it only took me 34 years but I recently got around to being admitted to practice law before the United States Supreme Court. I wish I could say it was because of something historic I did as a lawyer, but that’s not true. It was interesting being about 20 feet from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. But in all honesty, if I could switch my job for theirs, I would not. Why? Because they have no interconnection or communication with clients like you! You good people keep it so interesting for me that I actually want to come in to work each day. So readers it looks like you are stuck with me for a long while! P.S. You can see my family group photo outside the Supreme Court steps when we send out the free Pittsburgh Steelers 2013 magnets to you. Watch for more details as the season approaches.
Surgeon Who Operated On Wrong Side Of Brain Faces Lawsuit

A St. Louis-area surgeon who operated on the wrong side of a woman’s brain is now facing a lawsuit, according to Court records. The suit was filed against Dr. Armond Levy of St. Clare Health Center in Missouri alleging that he performed a right-sided craniotomy bypass instead of the left-sided craniotomy bypass she was supposed to receive.
The victim suffered several mini-strokes before the surgery. Now, she is unable to speak intelligibly and needs around-the-clock nursing care for assistance with routine daily activities.
You wonder how it is possible in this day and age with modern technology and state of the art surgical procedures in the United States to make such a colossal mistake. Yet it happens more often than you would think. Still think caps on damages in a medical malpractice case is a good idea?
Jury – Ohio Must Pay $13.2 Million To Ex-Police Officer

A federal jury has awarded $13.2 million to a former Cleveland housing authority police officer who spent 11 years in prison after being wrongly accused of a murder he did not commit.
The verdict ordered the State of Ohio to compensate 56-year-old David Ayers for violations of his civil rights committed by two Cleveland police detectives during an investigation that led to his arrest in 2000. Evidence indicates that the detectives coerced and falsified testimony and withheld evidence that would have proven Ayers innocent of the beating death of 76-year-old Dorothy Brown in 1999.
The same thing recently happened to a Fayette County, PA man who spent an even longer time in prison based upon falsified evidence. If you were on the jury how much money would you give to a falsely accused person who spent over a quarter of a century of his life in prison?
$6.5 Million Awarded To Family Of Man Shot To Death By Police

The family of a man who was shot and killed by Long Beach, California police officers, who mistook a water hose nozzle he was holding for a handgun, was awarded $6.5 million by a federal jury this week.
Jurors found that the constitutional rights of the shooting victim were violated when officers, responding to a call in December, 2010 about a man waving a handgun outside the victim’s apartment, opened fire on him without first identifying themselves or ordering the man to drop his “weapon”. The officers shot the victim 12 times.
Man Sues Over Chainsaw Attack On NYC Subway

A New York City man who was attacked by a man wielding a chainsaw in a Manhattan subway station has filed a lawsuit. The victim, a retired postal worker, sustained serious injuries including a punctured lung in the 2006 attack by a man police said was on drugs when he picked up two chainsaws that had been left unattended by station workers.
The lawsuit claims that Five Star’s contractors were negligent in leaving the saws unattended and accessible for anyone at the station to pick up and use against subway riders.


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