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Don’t Hate Me ‘Because I Am Beautiful’ Department: Can A Male Boss Fire An Employee Because She Is Too Sexy and Too Attractive? Court: Firing of Attractive Worker is Legal

A dentist acted legally when he fired an assistant because he had grown too attracted to her and worried he would try to start an extramarital affair with her, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled.

The Court found that bosses can fire employees that they and their spouses see as threats to their marriages. The Court said suchfirings do not count as sexual discrimination because they’re motivated by feelings, not gender.
The dentist fired his 33-year-old assistant – two decades his junior – after his wife learned of text messages between the two. The married mother of two had worked for the dentist for 10 years, and he considered her his best assistant.
The key issue was “whether an employee, who has not engaged inflirtatious conduct, can be lawfully terminated simply because the boss views the employee as an irresistible attraction”. In Iowa, at least, the answer is, Yes you can! This article appeared in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review a few weeks ago. What do you think?
$15M Settlement in Suit Involving Police Officer’s DistractedDriving Crash

A $15 million settlement has been reached between Santa Clara, California and a man injured in a car crash caused by a police officer who was eating a hamburger while driving. The lawsuit was filed by a 78-year-old man who suffered a torn aorta, fractured skull and seven broken ribs when his vehicle was struck by a cruiser operated by the California Sheriff’s office in 2012.
The officer took his eyes off the road three times right before the 4 a.m. crash. One time to unwrap the hamburger, once to attend to a stuck radio microphone and once to turn off a light he switched on by accident.
Most police officers are excellent drivers who protect us on the highways. The point is all of us (myself included) and especially our younger generation, must avoid getting distracted in any way when we are driving. Please never text or check your phone messages while driving. It’s just too dangerous and you can die in a second.
Atlanta Woman Sues Over Wrongful Incarceration

An innocent woman,who spent 53 days in jail due to a police mix-up, is suing the Atlanta Police Department. Teresa Culpepper was arrested on charges of battery and assault after calling 911 to report that her truck had been stolen by her boyfriend on August 21, 2011.
Upon her release from jail, Culpepper discovered that she had been evicted from her home, her personal belongings had been stolen, her stolen truck had been sold and she owed the federal government $1,000 for a disability check she received while in jail, which isnot allowed under federal law.
Have you noticed that most of these situations involving police occur in states other than Pennsylvania? We have some of the most dedicated and courageous officers in the nation right here in our area!!
Carnival Passengers Sue over Disabled Cruise Ship

Well, you knew this was coming! Passengers on the cruise ship Triumph filed a class-action lawsuit this week in Florida against Carnival Corp., over a fire that disabled the cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico for five days.
The suit claims that passengers were placed at unnecessary risk of injury due to conditions on the vessel after it became disabled, including being served spoiled food and being exposed to human waste on the deck of the ship.

Hospital Sued for Losing Body

An Illinois hospital has been sued by the family of a man whose body was lost for two weeks at the morgue. How can this happen? Read on:
The local hospital held the body from December 29, 2011 to January11, 2012, before his family was notified of his death.
When the decedent’s body went missing, his family contacted the morgue, which informed them that he wasn’t there. Not receiving notification of the decedent’s death, his family assumed he was still alive and filed a missing person’s report with the Chicago Police Department. The deceased then arrived at the morgue with identification on his person. However, his body was not identified at the morgue until a full two weeks after it arrived.


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