Six Killed, Officer Hurt In Crash Near Columbus, Ohio

Recently a police cruiser, with its lights flashing and siren blaring, was responding to a robbery report. It collided with a car at an intersection near Columbus and killed all six people in the car and injured the officer.
This tragedy brings up the dangers involved to all parties, including the police, when they are using their emergency flashers and are in pursuit of a crime suspect. Probably the only thing a citizen can do is pull his car over when he sees the flashing lights and hears the siren and look with extreme caution for where the police car is coming from.
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Ohio Family Suing An Aluminum Bat Manufacturer

The family of a Loveland, Ohio teenager who was hurt during a baseball game, issuing a bat manufacturer. The teenager suffered a fractured skull while pitching for his local team. They claim aluminum bats behave differently than wooden bats. How? The ball hits an aluminum bat like a trampoline and comes off at a faster rate.
The Poisoned Lover Case Reaches The United States Supreme Court

Ever wonder what kind of case makes it all the way to the United States Supreme Court? One recent case involved a woman charged under an International Treaty with poisoning her husband’s lover. The Defendant began harassing the paramour, whom the Defendant’s husband impregnated. She sprinkled a toxic chemical substance on the woman’s mail box and car door. Then she tried to place poison in the mail box and was arrested.
The woman was arrested for terroristic possession and use of a chemical weapon under Federal law. She then argued that the statute was beyond the Federal government’s power since it involved an International treaty. Stay tuned.
Bullying Suspect’s Step-Mom Charged With Abuse

Is anyone surprised by this one? According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, the step-mother of a 14-year-old accused of bullying a Florida girl, prior to the girl’s suicide, was arrested and charged with child abuse. There is a video of the step-mom beating a boy on Facebook.
The daughter admitted to bullying a girl and causing her suicide, and then stated, “Yes I bullied Rebecca and she killed herself. ButI don’t give a ….” Is anyone really surprised at the daughter’s action, given the home environment that she lived in with the step-mother? I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Does ‘Right To Remain Silent’ Exist Before Arrest?

The United States Supreme Court will decide whether a Defendant has a right to remain silent during police questioning before they are arrested. This could be a very huge decision because it directly impacts your Miranda rights. Stay tuned for details.
Man Breaks Into Big Lots For Vacuum Cleaner

This is almost hilarious. An Ohio man apparently broke into a Big Lots and stole a vacuum cleaner. He then drove off in his vehicle. The weird part in all this is that he didn’t take any other items in Big Lots except the vacuum cleaner. I guess his rug was filthy!
Did you see recently in Money Magazine that Pittsburgh was ratedthe second best city in the United States to retire to?


1) a good public transportation system, 2) competitive sports teams,namely the Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins and now the Pirates, and lastly, an excellent health care system thru UPMC and Allegheny General Hospitals.

Houston Oilers Former Football Coach Passes – Bum Phillips

Bum Phillips was a colorful head coach of the Houston Oilers back in the days when they had the heated rivalry with the Steelers from 1975 to 1980. Bum was the fellow who famously said that the way to the Super Bowl passes thru Pittsburgh!
What did he want put on his tombstone? Just this, “He would have lived a lot longer if it weren’t for the Pittsburgh Steelers”.
Question of the Month

Now for a chance to win a $50 Wal Mart card to buy a TURKEY with all the trimmings: Name one Pittsburgh Penguin.
Congratulations to Pat H. for winning last month’s question.
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