JULY 2014


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Settlement Reached In Lawsuit Over Wild Dog Mauling at Pittsburgh Zoo

A settlement was reached by the parents of a toddler who was mauled to death by wild dogs at the Pittsburgh Zoo. The mother had sat her son on the railing of a viewing platform when he fell into the enclosure of the wild dog exhibit. He was attacked by 11 African Painted Dogs. What caused the zoo to settle this matter was proof that they received several warnings from employees that the African Painted Dogs exhibit was unsafe. It is that issue we keep talking about in the law called NOTICE.
Think It Doesn’t Happen In This Day And Age? Doctor Sued For Removing Wrong Kidney

Two doctors are facing a $1 million lawsuit for removing a man’s healthy kidney instead of the cancerous kidney that was supposed to be removed. The victim had to have a second surgery due to the malpractice and is now on dialysis waiting fora kidney transplant. We handle medical malpractice cases.
New York Man Wrongly Convicted Of Murder Sues City

A man who was wrongfully convicted of murder and imprisoned for almost 25 years has filed a lawsuit against the city for $162 million in damages. What is 25 years of a person’s life worth to you?
In The News – Nine Employees Of A Nursing Home Face Charges Over Resident’s Death

Nine employees of a nursing home are facing criminal charges this week after the death of a resident whose ventilator was improperly connected and whose distress alarms were ignored for hours.
45 States To Receive $105 Million From Glaxo-Smith Kline

The makers of the drugs Paxil and Wellbutrin announced a $105 million settlement brought by 45 states over alleged off-label and illegal marketing practices. The suit claims the company falsely marketed the drugs as an off-label treatment for weight loss.
Senate Mulls Mandatory Rest Periods For Truckers

The U.S. Senate is debating whether federal regulations that mandate nighttime rest periods for truck drivers should be repealed. Some believe this rule leads to an increase in daytime accidents. What do you think?
Man Shot And Tasered After 911 Call Sues Police

A man who was shot and tasered by police after his family called 911 seeking medical assistance for his epileptic seizure, has filed a lawsuit against the city. The suit claims the police used excessive force when they tasered him in his home during the epileptic seizure.
Surgeon Forgot To Remove Appendix During Appendectomy

A man has filed a lawsuit claiming he had to undergo two additional surgeries to remove his appendix after his surgeon forgot to remove the organ during the first surgery. The victim only learned that he still had his appendix when he returned to the hospital a year later after the first surgery, complaining of severe abdominal pains.
McDonald’s Hot Coffee Part 2 – Woman Sues Dunkin’ Donuts Over Hot Cider Spill

A woman has filed a lawsuit against the donut company after spilling a cup of “excessively hot” apple cider in her lap, causing her to suffer third degree burns. She claims that the cider was served at temperatures beyond industry standards in a ‘to-go cup’ with a lid that was not properly secured!
Chicago Area School Sued Over Bullying

A lawsuit was filed against a Chicago elementary school by the mother of a third grade boy, who claims the school failed to protect her son from a classmate who routinely bullied him. Do you agree with these kinds of lawsuits?
United States Supreme Court rules 9-0 the police must obtain a search warrant to search a suspect’s cell phone. This was a huge decision. What do you think of this decision?

Laugh Column: Actual Job Interview Incidents

One applicant wore different colored shoes to his interview. Another one fell asleep during the interview. One female applicant removed her shoes and socks during the interview because she was too hot! After being asked a really tough question, another applicant asked if she could call her therapist before she answered. Finally, (my favorite): An applicant got a phone call during the interview and she asked the interviewer to leave the room while she took the call!
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