JUNE 2014


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Legal Turnaround – Ringling Brothers Circus To Receive $16 Million From Animal Welfare Groups

A lawsuit that was filed against the circus company Ringling Brothers ended in a settlement this week that requires animal welfare groups to pay $16 million in damages. The lawsuit, filed by the Humane Society against the circus company, falsely claimed that the circus was abusing endangered elephants.
Nextdoor CEO Sued Over Hit and Run Accident

A lawsuit was filed last week against the CEO of the social networking site Nextdoor. The suit claims that the CEO left the scene of a hit and run accident. The website provides an online forum for promoting neighborhood safety!

Sober Driver Arrested For DUI When Deputy Crashes Into HER Car

A sheriff deputy’s car hit a woman’s car with such force that the woman was knocked out. Despite the deputy causing the accident, the woman was arrested for DUI. The county hung those charges over her for nearly a year, long after her blood test proved she was perfectly sober. Hmm. Something is definitely wrong here.
New York City Subway Train Derailed On Section Of Track Set To Be Repaired

The New York City subway train that derailed during rush hour last month occurred on a section of track that had been scheduled by the Transit Authority to be repaired next year. The train derailed when six of the train’s eight cars jumped the track injuring 19 people. The accident was 100% the fault of the Transit Authority.
$10.1 Billion “Light” Cigarette Verdict

A $10.1 billion verdict against Phillip Morris USA for misleading advertisements regarding the risks involved with smoking Light cigarettes has been reinstated. Phillip Morris falsely claimed that smoking the Light cigarettes somehow lessened your chances of getting cancer from them.
Fed Ex Sued Over Deadly Bus Crash

Fed Ex has been sued by the mother of a student killed in a bus/truck crash earlier last month.The crash, which killed ten people and injured 30 others, occurred when a Fed Ex semi-truck crossed over a highway median and hit a bus head-on. The bus was carrying high school students.
Fracking – The Wave Of The Future

A family has been awarded $3 million for illnesses they suffered as a result of fracking near their home. The family started having health problems when Aruba Petroleum began drilling wells within two miles of the family’s ranch. Symptoms included migraine headaches, unexplained rashes, dizziness, and nausea.Fracking is huge in the Washington County area and if anyone has health issues from it, please call our office for a FREE consultation. All calls are confidential.

Victim To Receive $3 Million From “Affluenva” Teen’s Family

A victim who was paralyzed after a drunk teen crashed into his pickup truck while helping the driver of a stalled vehicle, will receive $3 million from the teen’s family. In his criminal trial, the 16 year old drunk driver successfully argued he wasn’t responsible for his actions due to a condition referred as “Affluenva”. This was brought on by being spoiled by his wealthy parents!
Amtrak Train Strikes And Kills Man

An Amtrak train struck and killed a 56 year old man in Connecticut last month. This marks the second Amtrak train fatality in Connecticut in the past two weeks. This could lead to a claim against the train company for punitive damages.
New York Woman Sues Police Over Raid Seeking Her Dead Husband

A woman in New York City has filed a lawsuit against the police department claiming that officers conducted four raids of her home in the past year in an attempt to arrest her husband, who has been DEAD since 2006. They did so even after the widow posted her husband’s death certificate on her front door!
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