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My law practice mostly involves personal injury, medical malpractice, workers compensation, social security and criminal defense cases: What I want to share with you this month are interesting cases that deal with other areas of the law. Hope you enjoy.

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Adoption Agency Cases

A lawsuit was filed by a Pennsylvania man against a Utah adoption agency. The agency placed his daughter up for adoption against his wishes while he was stationed in Iraq. The man claims that Utah’s adoption regulations are among the most lax in the nation. He also claims his ex-wife moved to Utah so she could place the child up for adoption. Wow!

Obama Care Update – Blue Cross Decision Denies Coverage To HIV-Positive Patients

An HIV-positive man filed a lawsuit against Blue Cross-Blue Shield, claiming the insurance company’s decision to change its rules regarding patient coverage effectively denies coverage to low-income HIV-positive patients.
The man alleges a rule made by Blue Cross just before Obama Care became effective was intended to turn away low-income patients that have tested positive for HIV. Obama Care now prohibits this type of discrimination. Stay tuned on this one.
Cross Fit Sued by Transgender Woman

Maybe you heard about this case. A California transgender woman filed a lawsuit against Cross Fit claiming that the company unfairly barred her from competing as a woman in the upcoming Cross Fit games.
The lawsuit accuses the company of discrimination and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Only in California!
McDonald’s Sued For Unpaid Overtime And “Stolen” Wages

McDonald’s Corporation has been sued by employees for denying overtime pay and requiring employees to work while off the clock. The employees claim that this rises to class-action status and are demanding that McDonald’s return stolen wages.
Cemetery Reaches $35 Million Settlement Over Discarded Human Remains

A cemetery has reached a $35 million settlement after damage to burial vaults caused cemetery employees to discard human remains. The cemetery will pay $35 million to families whose loved ones were interred there.
General Electric Faces Two Lawsuits Over Nuclear Disaster

General Electric is facing two class-action lawsuits over the Japanese nuclear disaster that occurred in 2011 following an earthquake and a tsunami. General Electric allegedly failed to safely design, construct and maintain the power plant which was damaged during the earthquake and resulting tsunami.
Man Convicted Of 7 Murders Awarded $450,000 For Prison Abuse

A man convicted of 7 murders has been awarded over $450,000 in damages for injuries he sustained in a beating by a prison guard. The man, a 7-time convicted murderer, was severely beaten in an unprovoked attack by a prison guard in 2002. He sustained a fractured cheek and eye socket injury as a result of the beating. He also had to have two metal plates surgically implanted in his face. Should murderers be allowed to sue for injuries?

New York City Train Derailment Victim Files Suit For $100 Million

A railroad employee who was paralyzed in a commuter train derailment in New York City has filed a $100 million lawsuit against the railroad. The suit alleges that the train was traveling over 80 mph when it approached a curve with a speed limit of 30 mph and derailed. The accident left four people dead and at least 60 injured.
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