2 Halves of the Injury $$ Pie

In ANY personal injury claim, you need both halves of the pie in order to receive $$$$.

What do I mean? Simply put, you first must show that someone (whether it’s a person or business) is negligent and this caused your accident. The second part is that you must show that you suffered personal injury damages from the negligence. One part of the pie without the other is worthless.

We just received a phone call from a prospective client who was severely injured. She had knee and hip surgery from her fall and spent 23 days in the hospital due to the fall. So the second half of the pie namely the damages was clearly there. However unfortunately she did not have the first part of pie which was to show somebody caused her injuries. She slipped walking on a sidewalk. There was nothing wrong with the sidewalk, there were no cracks in it and there was nothing on the sidewalk that caused the fall. Therefore we were not able to take her case.


What Pittsburgh slip and fall and wrongful death injury attorney Bernie Tully tries to do when talking to potential clients is tell them upfront whether he can help them or not. We do not take every case that we are asked to look at. But once we take your case we will do everything possible to get you the maximum $$$ we can for you.

I think people deserve this honesty. Do you agree?

Thanks for listening.

Bernie the attorney.