One of my clients was rear ended in a car accident and had to have ankle surgery. She also had neck and shoulder injuries from the car accident.

The defense hired an expert doctor to review her file and say she was fully recovered from the injuries.  They call this an independent medical exam but there is nothing independent about it.  They are being paid by the insurance companies to say the client is fully recovered.

This week I was cross examining the insurance doctor for a case listed for trial at the end of the month.  I asked him how much money he makes per year for these types of exams.  He took the standard approach and said he did not know, that it was a bookkeeping matter.

Well, it doesn’t always work out perfectly but this time Pittsburgh car accident and ankle surgery attorney Bernie Tully nailed them.

How?  Because I had the records of this doctor’s prior testimony from other cases where he admitted to making over $450,000 Per Year for this type of work.  Surely a jury will see that he is a biased witness for the insurance company.

Yes, it absolutely did make my day.

Thanks for listening

Bernie the Attorney