I was at Sam’s Club today. The cashier asked if I wanted to earn $20 cash by opening up a
Sam’s Club credit card. She said all I had to do was sign a form and she would take $20 off of my shopping total.
Well, of course it was not that easy. It took me 25 minutes to fill out all the forms. In short, the cashier sold me a bill of goods by promising me something she knew was untrue. She took me to the cleaners.
The same thing can happen to you with promises by personal injury lawyers trying to get your case. They will tell you that your case is worth a million dollars when they know that is untrue. Why? Because they get a percentage of any money you get.
I am too old and ugly to try to hustle you to get your injury case.
If you call the office of Pittsburgh injury lawyer Bernie Tully you will get one thing more than anything else:honesty. We absolutely will not tell you something to get your case. We also will not tell you that your injury case, whether it is a car accident, slip and fall or medical malpractice claim, is worth 10 times more than it really is.
That is our promise and commitment to you. Can you take that promise to the bank? Yes. Just consider that we have been representing injured victims in auto accident and other injury cases for over 30 years. Surely we would have been exposed by now if we were a fly-by-night operation.
Thanks for reading
Bernie the attorney