Let me start by saying I am not trying to steal your case from another attorney. If you are satisfied with the attorney you have that is fantastic. Also, let me say that this applies to all my clients as well. If any of my clients are dissatisfied, using these 4 tell tale signs, then they should fire me and go with another attorney. Having said that, let’s look at 4 really good reasons to change attorneys in your injury case.
1. Lack of communication – I am certainly amazed at this hidden gem that all attorneys should adhere to but do not. What I mean by this is most attorneys are busting their tails for their clients in their injury cases. They are losing sleep at night worrying about how to maximize their client’s injuries to get the most money for them. They are doing things like answering interrogatories, taking depositions, and filing motions on their injured client’s behalf. However, what they are not doing is communicating (by mail or email, for example) or talking to their injured clients. Attorneys have the tendency to feel that this is the least important part of representing an injured victim, when in fact that should be the most important part.
A common example of this is if you call your attorney time after time and do not get a response or phone call from them, this is the first tell tale sign you should change attorneys.
Most injured victims understand that an attorney cannot immediately give them a call back to answer some question on the case. They accept that attorneys are busy and a lot of times they are in court or taking depositions when they call. I think most clients understand that it might be necessary to call the attorney a second time to ask him about their case. However, if you do not get a call back by the second time or certainly the third time, that should be a sign that he either thinks your case is not worth it or that they are just too busy to handle your case.
At the law firm of Pittsburgh car accident and wrongful death attorney Bernie Tully, we call our clients back as soon as possible to answer questions about their injury case. If I don’t call you back, one of our paralegals is usually able to do so. We try to keep the need for second and third phone calls to an absolute minimum.
We will discuss numbers 2 and 3 tomorrow but now for the fun stuff. Did you get a chance to see the World Series game last night? Pretty dramatic stuff for sure.
Are you sad like me that the Steelers lost the game to the Bengals? More importantly, do you think the Steelers playoff hopes are gone with Bell lost for the season?
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